", Ibn Abbas narrated: "The Messenger of Allah said: "Allah will not look at a man who has anal sex with his wife. Zinnia meaning in Arabic has been searched 11825 times till 13 Sep, 2020. When a woman went out in the time of the Prophet for prayer, a man attacked her and overpowered (raped) her. [11][1] The offenders must have acted of their own free will. Zinia is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as زنيا, जिनिअ, زینیا,زينة, জিনিয়া. 28 Nov. 2011. ", "What's the Classical Definition of Zina? These are:[57][page needed][28][60], If a pregnant woman confesses that her baby was born from an illegal relationship then she will be subject to conviction in the Islamic courts. [47] Although punishment for lesbianism is rarely mentioned in the histories, al-Tabari records an example of the casual execution of a pair of lesbian slavegirls in the harem of al-Hadi, in a collection of highly critical anecdotes pertaining to that Caliph's actions as ruler. [51], In Islam, oral sex between a husband and a wife is considered "Makruh Tahrimi"[52] or highly undesirable by some Islamic jurists when the act is defined as the mouth and the tongue coming in contact with the genitals. Then he told him, "[Make love with your wife] from the front or the back, but avoid the anus and intercourse during menstruation.". 287–320, A. SAJOO (1999), Islam and Human Rights: Congruence or Dichotomy, Temple International and Comparative Law Journal, vol. Reza Aslan (2004), "The Problem of Stoning in the Islamic Penal Code: An Argument for Reform", Z. Mir-Hosseini (2011), Criminalizing sexuality: zina laws as violence against women in Muslim contexts, SUR-Int'l Journal on Human Rights, 8(15), pp. [11] Zina thus belongs to the class of hadd (pl. hudud) crimes which have Quranically specified punishments. There is no punishment for the woman if it is true that he forced her and overpowered her, which may be proven by her screaming and shouting for help. For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.". She said: Yes, this is he. [28][29][not specific enough to verify]. [16][17], Aside from "a few rare and isolated" instances from the pre-modern era and several recent cases, there is no historical record of stoning for zina being legally carried out. He believes these rulings were temporary and were abrogated later when a functioning state was established and society was ready for permanent rulings, which came in Sura Nur, Ayat 2 and 3, prescribing flogging as a punishment for adultery. ", The public lashing and public lethal stoning punishment for fornication and adultery are also prescribed in Hadiths, the books most trusted in Islam after Quran, particularly in Kitab Al-Hudud. [49], Hadith forbids incestous relationship (zinā bi'l-mahārim), sexual intercourse between someone who is mahram and prescribes execution as punishment. If they delayed testifying in the courts, the punishment will not be enforced, unless they were very distant from the Imam hence the delay was due to them travelling to the Imam. The Quran forbids homosexual relationships, in Al-Nisa, Al-Araf (verses 7:80–84, 11:69–83, 29:28–35 of the Qur'an using the story of Lot's people), and other surahs. Allah's 99 Names, Adornment, ornament, decoration, elegance, beauty, (Zinia pronunciation in different languages). 4, pp. [39][59], Islam requires evidence before a man or a woman can be punished for zināʾ. And when a company of the emigrants came by, she said: That man did such and such to me. a slave, a minor, never married or non-Muslim) are punished for zināʾ with one hundred lashes in public. If the four witnesses take back their testimony before the actual punishment is enforced, then the punishment will be abandoned, and they (witnesses) will be punished for the crime of false accusation. He said: "I did not hear anything from the Messenger of Allah about this, but I see that the Messenger of Allah disliked eating its meat or using it, due to the fact that such a (heinous) thing has been done with that animal. According to traditional jurisprudence, zina can include adultery (of married parties), fornication (of unmarried parties), prostitution, rape, sodomy, homosexuality, incest, and bestiality.


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