You must hold a minimum of 70 ECTS in relevant courses such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Functions of several Variables, Programming and at least one of Numerics/Analysis/Mechanics/Advanced Differential Equations/Statistics. Effective use of advanced applied mathematical techniques has become increasingly important in industrial, business, and scientific settings, which rely on sophisticated software to solve complex problems. Numerical Mathematics: involves development and discussion of numerical methods used in computational tasks. Students are welcome to discuss project ideas with the staff of the Department of Mathematics, but are also encouraged to seek other contacts, in the academic world and in industry, to identify suitable projects. The versatile Master of Arts (M.A.) Fluid mechanics and ocean modelling: involves analytical and numerical studies of waves and flow on an industrial and geophysical scale. The courses are usually based around lectures and groups, around 16 hours per week. The programme has main admission in fall and supplementary admission in spring (application deadline 1 November), if not all spots have been filled in the fall admission. Examples of applications include the aerospace industry, engineering industry, radiation therapy, robotics, telecommunications, and vehicles. An education in Applied and Computational Mathematics enables you to solve practical problems within different applied areas by using mathematical modelling, analysis and numerical calculation. Read more, The ideas of applied mathematics pervade several applications in a variety of businesses and industries as well as government. Advanced mathematics and computer simulations are present within several important fields, their use has increased dramatically by the rapid development in computer software and hardware. It was very fun and rewarding.". Recommended previous knowledge: MAT230, MAT260. Courses in this field emphasise increasing your understanding of modelling and algorithms, numerical methods and symbolic computations (the creation of algorithms and software for manipulating mathematical expressions). Financial mathematics, medicine and biology are prevalent areas, but students will be able to bring the usage of mathematics and simulations into a multitude of applications. FindAMasters. MATH 554  Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems, ii. 8. Construction and analysis of mathematical models. Recommended previous knowledge: STAT110, MAT230. You may wish to specialise your studies in a particular area of Computational Mathematics, such as computational optimisation and the development of networks and algorithms. I love how small the classrooms are, how well you connect to your professors and get to know other students in your program. STAT 550   Multivariate Statistical Analysis. Central courses: MAT261, MAT360. Usually, a Bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics/Mathematics is required for admission. In order to apply for the Master Programme in Applied and Computational Mathematics you need a bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics, Mathematics or the like. in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Financial and Computational Mathematics MSc, School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics. The Division of Mathematical Statistics hosts active groups in probability theory and statistical theory with applications to finance and risk management (Boualem Djehiche, Henrik Hult, Sigrid Källblad, Camilla Landen), statistical learning (Henrik Hult, Jimmy Olsson, Tatjana Pavlenko, Pierre Nyquist, Joacim Anden), Monte Carlo methods (Henrik Hult, Jimmy Olsson, Pierre Nyquist), computational statistics (Jimmy Olsson, Pierre Nyquist, Tatjana Pavlenko), and high-dimensional models (Kevin Schnelli, Tatjana Pavlenko). All Start Terms. The programme teaches you the fundamental theory for understanding relevant academic literature and how to make use of new methods and results in applied work. We have 87 Masters Degrees in Computational Mathematics. STAT 530   Applied Regression Analysis, iv. … The computational finance specialty of the Master of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics trains students in the mathematical, statistical and computational tools used today in the financial industry. Recommended previous knowledge: MAT213, MAT230, MAT260. This versatility leads to the effect that once you can quantify phenomena, you will be able to investigate these phenomena independently of their source, for example in science, engineering, society and the economy. A student may specialize in Applied Statistics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, or Predictive Analytics. However, in this track we will also discuss issues of high-performance computing. The ideas of applied mathematics pervade several applications in a variety of businesses and industries as well as the government. International applicants may find more information on our International Admission and International Students and Scholars pages. Play background animation Pause background animation. Read more, The M.S. Beyond their expertise in CAM, many faculty members are actively engaged in interdisciplinary research areas such as geophysical and medical … MATH 599, Independent Research Project, taken for three credits. Optimisation, mathematical systems theory, systems engineering, modelling and simulation, numerical methods and applications, parallel and high-performance computations, big data, machine learning, arbitrage pricing, portfolio theory and risk management. Read more, The focus of this course is using mathematics to solve real world problems, such as in finance, energy, engineering or scientific research. A student in the MS-ACMS program will complete 30 credits of coursework in statistics, applied mathematics or computational science. The Master of Science degree in Computational Science (MCS) at the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) offers students the opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding and set of skills in computational science, numerical simulation, applied mathematics, statistics, and data science. 3. Read more, The MSc in Data and Computational Science is designed for students from highly quantitative disciplines who wish to work in data analytics or computational science. The Computational Mathematics track contains courses providing knowledge of design, analysis and application of numerical methods for mathematical modelling, usable in computer simulations catering to both research and prototyping. Students in both program tracks complete a comprehensive examination as the program's culminating assessment. In agreement with your supervisor, you will choose a thesis topic and make a progression plan containing important milestones for your project. Examples of master’s degree projects relating to Good Health and Well-Being are: Optimal construction of medical equipment for cancer treatment (in collaboration with RaySearch Labs); Simulation of suturing for surgeon training (in collaboration with SenseGraphics); Proton arc therapy optimisation (in collaboration with RaySearch Labs); Examples of master’s degree projects relating to Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure are: Optimal traffic planning for autonomous vehicles (in collaboration with Volvo Construction Equipment); Optimal energy management for parallel hybrid electric vehicles (in collaboration with Scania); Optimal driving decision based on energy and time costs (in collaboration with Volvo). MATH 572  Introduction to Numerical Analysis. See here for the details. The 30 hours must be selected from lists of approved courses and be approved by the student's graduate advisor. Equivalent courses taken elsewhere may be used to satisfy the requirement, but may not count … All Locations. Development of skills in these areas is the primary purpose of the Master’s Degree Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics. Related subjects include Computational Applied Mathematics and Computational Finance. Development and efficient execution of computational mathematical algorithms. Course Type. Engineering degrees will seldom qualify without additional courses from a Mathematics department. The rest of the courses are listed under each specialisation: Applied Analysis: involves developing of analytical and constructive methods for solving differential- and integral equations from several areas of application. One course from each of the following Core Areas A, B, and C. At most nine hours from these Core Areas may count toward the 30 hours. Phone (574) 631-8630, Associate Director, Data Science and Analytics, Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine. At least four courses from the Modeling Specialization Areas listed below. Read more, The Advanced Data Science M.Sc. Opportunities for independent or collaborative work. Graduates from KTH have the knowledge and tools for moving society in a more sustainable direction, as sustainable development is an integral part of all programmes. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate Mathematics subject. All Study Types. St. John's College of Liberal Arts and SciencesQueens Campus. Clear Filter. These positions provide tuition remission and a stipend and involve assisting faculty with their research. Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM) uses mathematics to solve practical and theoretical problems within the natural sciences, industry, resource management, medical image processing and other areas.


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