You’ll learn how each alternative compares to Le Creuset in terms of design, performance, price, and much more. If you are planning to buy a French oven, it is likely that you must have come across the two most prominent brands – Staub and Le Creuset.

One of the things I love about the Great Jones Dutch oven is the two large handles on each side, which are designed to fit four fingers (including oven mitts). (In-Depth Review), Cuisinart has an excellent reputation in the cookware industry. Le Creuset ® Signature 6.75-Qt. The interior of most models is sand-coloured which, the company claims, is more resistant to wear. Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 3-1/2-Quart Round French Oven, Brine Calculator – Brine Salt to Water Ratio, How Long Should You Ferment Your Vegetables. Their Dutch ovens are hand made by a labor-intensive process involving melting a proprietary mixture of metals and minerals and sand molding. If you found this article helpful, you should also check out: Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, Prudent Reviews earns fees when you click on links within our articles and make qualifying purchases. Read our Terms & Conditions to learn more. In fact, the company has been around since 1910, 15 years before Le Creuset was founded. In short, Le Creuset Dutch ovens are expensive because they deliver optimal cooking performance, long-lasting durability, and an iconic design that’s guaranteed to impress your house guests.

Except they are always made from enameled cast iron. oval Dutch oven. Each sand mold is different, making Le Creuset Dutch ovens as unique as snowflakes. Since 1925, Le Creuset (pronounced luh/crew/zay) has manufactured stunning enameled cast iron cookware in a factory in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France. Without exorbitant retail markups, Great Jones can offer significantly lower prices while maintaining the highest quality. The interior of most of its products is entirely black. Gold Collection Cerise Round Wide Oven. What sets Cuisinart apart in this category is that it’s the only Dutch oven on this list with enameled cast iron knobs, giving it a consistent look top-to-bottom. Design help, big or small. But the convenience and durability they offer is unmatched. Although Lodge makes its Dutch ovens with quality raw materials, they’re able to keep prices low by manufacturing in China (its bare cast iron skillets are manufactured in the United States). Cuisinart Dutch ovens are significantly less expensive (. If you’re ready to give your pots and pans a serious quality upgrade, then take a look at our favorite Le Creuset sale items below. Ok, let’s dive into the details about how Staub Dutch ovens compare to Le Creuset. Both brands offer round and oval Dutch ovens. For example, the Lodge 6-qt. Le Creuset and Cuisinart Dutch ovens have slightly tapered sides. But, as I covered in this article, several alternatives get the job done at a much lower price. Staub and Le Creuset Dutch ovens are compatible with all cooktops, including induction. Le Creuset pots are safe to use at any oven temperature, but the lids top out at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for the Classic line and 480 for the Signature line. Although the Dutch ovens are made in China, Tramontina asserts that its plant in China follows the same strict regulations and standards required by its plants in the U.S. and Brazil. Some chefs consider the light-colored interior better for beginners and the black interior for advanced cooks.

Le Creuset and Lodge lids are designed to fit tightly. None of the alternatives can compete with Le Cureset’s selection of colors, but Staub, Lodge, and Tramontina provide several attractive options.

Staub Dutch ovens are oven-safe up to 900, and the lids are oven-safe up to 500.

Is Le Creuset Worth the High Price? Both brands offer round and oval-shaped Dutch ovens, but Le Creuset provides more options in terms of sizes. Cream Round Wide Oven, Le Creuset ® Signature 6.75-Qt. One important thing to note: it only comes in an oval shape, so it might not fit entirely on smaller burners. Since the advent of the brand’s food processor in, Cuisinart’s 7-qt.


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