It has great sound and is fun to play. Of course I changed the tuners to better quality. If you're looking for a Gibson sound on a budget, Epiphone does a really good job of replicating that Gibson tone. Would rather watch Pearl Harbour on a loop than play one of these. Sure not all of their models are perfect, but no brand has a 100% record when it comes to the instrument. There are many examples of some of their highs, such as the Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK, which has been made with good quality materials and craftsmanship of the good kind. Key words are when it works. Came set up from the factory...Tuners are the only question mark but honestly, this isn't really a ding as the guitar stays in tune remarkably well. I can play some good blues, jazz, Metal, rock, blablabla, everything, on it. It definitely wasn't guitar professionals. Sort of OK intonation if you stay well below the 5th fret. They just take your money and act like they performed some kind of grand operation. However, those are easily replaced and you can have yourself a beautiful guitar with a low action that sounds every bit as good as any other mass produced guitar on the market.Way too many people put too much emphasis on "Branding" - every brand can have a lemon occasionally, Gibson and fender are no different in that regard...PRS are the only ones you'll find that are high quality every time. don't be fooled by fluff and spend thousands on a mass produced cheap stuff like this! Admitedly, the intonation is terrible, and not even fixable because the bridge is routed incorrectly. Easy to tune, the strings won't kill your fingers and none of the strings have broken. Tips And Techniques On How To Learn Piano Fast. Then go get it set up! Gibson look alikes with cheap Chinese pot metal components.Any day you can grab one of the millions for sale on Craigslist, or Ebay, which begs the question, why are there so many of them for resale or trade?Epis are good if you don't really have an issue with sound, or you are just looking for something that looks like a Gibson and want to risk damage to a more expensive instrument perhaps gigging. Amazing buy for the money you pay for one used or new. The thing is that a Gibson is still a dream for a lot of people. This is like a starter guitar worse than Squier or First Act. My best advice is fender isn't for everyone but if you want one and have a hard time on the price, get one used. They do need some tweaking for the best playability, however they have good quality for the price. I would recommend this to all beginners like me.Matt Krause. An MD400 and an HD400. My daughter's guitar is amazing for the price I wish I had such quality for my starter guitar. Cheap hardware and electronics. I would tell you that not everyone gets to race formula 1 either. New bullets- very bad. Young growth mahogany is a trashwood that fractures too easily. You might get a cheap faded series that's great to an R8 with worse QC and flawson par with the Norlin Era garbage. In my opinion, the Ashton guitars get a very bad rap for a very good little guitar (the electrics anyway). There's a reason this brand is chosen by almost every music education establishment, they are the best available. You'll be a lot happier also because they will be practically worn in. Go figure. It should be a Lil Wayne signature guitar, then they would have an excuse to make a Horrible guitar. A "crapshoot" was one of the comments. What Do You Know About Piano Conservatoires? Crappy electronics, uncomfortable neck and the list goes on. Otherwise fit for the pit. Believe us, the Glarry online store is home to the wide selection of better musical instruments. Some of the electric guitar kits even come with a mini amp. Look for them and you will only see old photo of Lennon play one, no solos! However, these guitars might be a bit difficult to hold for some people due to their shape, which is where the variety of designs comes in handy since you can get one that you’ll feel is more suited to you, such as the simple flame top guitars that they also make. I've had it for years and nothing has ever gone wrong with it. Honestly, this is a pretty good brand. Plus it has a humpy neck, a cracking neck joint (like all of my LTD set-necks) and the frets were likely leveled by a monkey considering the quality.Basically I will be tearing it down and rebuilding it. It will be in the $1000 range, starting out. The guitar also features the American flag colors on the head, making it a truly unique guitar as compared to the simpler, more common ones. That still doesn't solve the issues with the soft finish and ultra-noisy electronics. Squier is the poor persons, Mexican made edition of Fender. I have every guitar from the unknown guitar maker, Aspen, in the early70's, to LTD's. | Image via Distorted Branch . Good riddance! More than you can afford!However, the necks on the RGs are flawless. Nov 5, 2016 New York. They have guitars that go for $3000 plus and are better guitars than any person commenting on this board will ever have the opportunity of even being in the same room with (including myself) Who would have thought?! The Glarry GP Electric Bass is their latest entry into their line of uber affordable electric guitars … Unless your goal is think you sound bad purely off the fact your instrument is poor, I recommend going out and trying guitars at different locations with someone you know that has experience in the field. It's Givson, an Indian ripoff the Original brand... Sucks! ESP LTDs are a ripoff. The first thing, as well as the most important thing in the eyes of many, is the fact that most of the guitars made by Glen Burton are made with good quality materials. However, having worked at guitar center for 5 months, I've gotten a lot of complaints about the ESP LTDs, and how they won't stay in tune, how the tremolo systems are cheap, and the dislike for tone, etc. With this model, the brand offers you accessories like strings, picks, a digital clip-on tuner, a truss rod, and a few more things, but out of all of the things it features, the best thing about this deal is the 10-watt amplifier that comes with it, which is a great bonus when playing electric guitars. Loaded with all kinds of adornments like binding, flame top, etc. Wouldn't be seen smashing one these in a video. As the other reviewers have suggested, just a new set of strings and tweaking of the intonation and the guitar is amazing for the price point. CMUSE is your music news and entertainment website. they rarely get out of tune, and they are fun to play. For the price, Taylor guitars are a joke. Current Gibson from the 1985 Norlin buyout is hit or miss, so you pay your money you take your chances. Ashton are tidy budget guitars. The electrics are made by AXL and I think the acoustics are made by Saein. Speaking of gig bags, the last and maybe the best thing that Glen Burton offers with their products is the combo deals that feature all sorts of accessories and items that you would need to get a great guitar playing experience. Aside from some special, collectable models of Taylor, you will loose money on this brand. These materials allow their guitars to live out long enough for the owner of the guitars to get their money’s worth. It is perverse how low you can vet the action with zero buzz.


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