If you’re looking for something to do while social distancing this summer, our magazine is the perfect solution! Current Issue of Weight Matters Magazine Schools are back in session which means we all must prepare for a … Select articles are always posted online for anyone to read. Your Weight Matters is one of our initiatives, which encourages you to start your health journey, but we do so much more! If you’re looking for health and wellness tips, this issue has a bunch! Hunger: Why Do We Have Cravings and What Can We Do about Them? Cozy-up in your favorite reading spot to explore healthy recipes and tips for getting active in the winter, as well as science-based, practical and FUN information on all things related to weight and health management. Hear from the experts and fellow OAC Community Members about topics that matter to you. Select articles are always posted online for anyone to read. If you aren’t yet a part of our no-cost Membership Community, CLICK HERE to join! Early childhood education is my first love so it was nice to be able to tap into that creative side. Step-up Your Waiting Game: Wading through Pre-surgical Weight-loss Mandates, Comprehensive Obesity Care through the Eyes of Twin Sisters: How a State Can Determine the State of Your Healthcare, Where’s the Beef? Did you just have bariatric surgery or are you considering it? If you enjoy a recipe from this blog and would like to share it, post a direct link back to the recipe not the content. A Closer Look at NASH: A Rarely-Discussed Obesity-related Condition, OAC Beliefs and Demands: Making Our Vision Our Mission, Creating a Brighter Future for Childhood Obesity Together, What I Wish I Knew BEFORE I Had Bariatric Surgery. The OAC is excited to share that our Winter 2020 issue of Weight Matters Magazine, our most current issue, is out now! Dear Doctor: My Child is Affected by Obesity. To learn more about OAC Premium Access Membership, CLICK HERE. The winter issue of Weight Matters Magazine is a refreshing break from the cold weather temperatures we know you’ll enjoy! Weight Matters Magazine is a valuable tool that anyone can use in their health journey. You can now access it via our Magazine Library in the OAC Community Engage Platform. It features perspectives from OAC members, health and wellness tips, and scientific insight from a few of the industry’s leading experts. This issue is now added to our online archives in the OAC Community. For my friends with kiddos, I wanted to bring your attention to the Winter issue of Weight Matters Magazine. From our diverse educational topics and sessions in our Program Agenda to our invigorating Exercise Program, EXPO Hall, social events, CE credit options and more, YWM2019 is an experience you can’t miss! A Compelling Response to Stigma against Teens Getting Bariatric Surgery, OAC Research Reveals Misunderstandings about Causes of Childhood Obesity, Facing Obesity through the Eyes of a Loved One, Tasting a New Season: Fun with Fall Foods. Dear Doctor: Does Obesity Cause Inflammation? You can now access it via our Magazine Library in the OAC Community Engage Platform. Click here to download the current issue. My Weight Matters is not a 'diet' and not a quick fix solution. Click below to access past magazine articles as a premium level resource. Our fall issue will tell you what we can expect in the new year politics wise and features and an insightful story on how life events can affect your weight. If you’re interested in getting the most out of OAC’s offerings, Click Here to learn about adding-on Premium Access for only $25/year.


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