What are Employment Insurance maternity and parental benefits, Are you eligible for EI maternity or parental benefits, You meet the specific criteria for receiving EI maternity or parental benefits, Your normal weekly earnings are reduced by more than 40%, You have accumulated at least 600 hours of insurable employment during the qualifying period, Applying for EI maternity or parental benefits, Do I need to apply to receive EI maternity or parental benefits, Receiving your EI maternity and parental benefits, When will I know if I am eligible to receive EI maternity or parental benefits, If I am eligible to receive EI benefits, how much can I expect to receive, Can I receive EI maternity or parental benefits if I am authorized to work in Canada, Is the benefit rate higher for low-income family members, How long will I receive EI maternity or parental benefits, Does receiving my EI benefit statement mean my application is approved, Do I have to submit EI reports to receive maternity or parental benefits, What will happen if I work or receive other payments during my benefit period, Can I receive maternity or parental benefits and other types of EI special benefits in the same benefit period, Am I allowed to leave Canada while receiving EI maternity or parental benefits, Where can I get more information about my EI claim, Protecting Employment Insurance—with your help, Consequences of misrepresentation: Interest and penalties, What are Service Canada's responsibilities, Place of residence, place of work, and mobility, Combining Quebec Parental Insurance Program and EI benefits, How can I register for My Service Canada Account, EI special benefits for self-employed people, Employment Insurance Benefits for Fishers, How to Apply for Employment Insurance Benefits, Employment Insurance and the family supplement, Employment Insurance – Rights and Responsibilities, Quebec Parental Insurance Program's online services. For more information on filing EI reports, see the Internet Reporting Service page. x�+� � |

If you earn any money above this threshold, we will deduct it dollar for dollar from your benefits. Your access code is used to identify you and ensure the confidentiality of the information you provide. endstream When you use direct deposit, your EI payments are deposited automatically into your bank account.

PDF/X-1:2001 My job may be affecting my pregnancy. �0E�|��佤Ř�����p�&E�mC�Z�{��…��,' �a9��v��l�6��˲�y The term "parental leave" may include maternity, paternity, and adoption leave; or may be used distinctively from "maternity leave" and "paternity leave" to describe separate family leave available to either parent to care for small children. It will take about 10 minutes to complete the registration process. Example: A claimant becomes ills and receives 10 weeks of sickness benefits. A formula has been established and approved by the governments of Quebec and Canada to allow parents to share benefit weeks. endobj endstream You might be eligible to receive a higher benefit rate (the Family Supplement) if you receive the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB). With a violation, claimants may need more insurable earnings or hours to qualify for benefits in the future. 8 0 obj Your EI access code is the four-digit code printed in the shaded area of your EI benefit statement. The rate of interest is the Bank of Canada average rate plus 3%. <>stream

However, we do not charge interest on debt that results when Service Canada makes an error in the benefit payment.

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If you received a temporary access code, you will need to change it.

Parents who would like to share their benefits must decide how they will share them when the first parent applies for parental or adoption benefits. As well, you may have to work more hours or, in the case of self-employment in fishing, you may need more insurable earnings to qualify for benefits in the future. We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the.

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endstream In that case, the waiting period will start during the first week you should begin to receive benefits. 14 0 obj @R����T?�Dw=�܃כ�o>q��L0�f�݋��뮽{���x�y�[3��5x�%~�fIy�mw��_UV����^��.w�lV>wT�ɂ�WrD��, Reconceptualizing Parental Leave Benefits in COVID-19 Canada: From Employment Policy to Care and Social Protection Policy | Canadian Public Policy. the date of birth of your newborn or, in the case of an adoption, the date on which your child was placed with you (you must also provide the full name and address of the agency handling the adoption); and. endobj endobj endobj

It must be paid within a year of the birth, or adoption, of the child.

Service Canada website for Employment Insurance. You can also visit a Service Canada Centre. With your help, we can reduce the amount of misuse and ensure that the EI program is used as it should be—as a program that provides temporary financial assistance to individuals who qualify. How to use this document ?

When and how do I apply for parental leave benefits? The 18 Month Maternity Leave in Canada The 18-month maternity leave/ parental leave is called the extended parental benefits. x�S�*�*T0T0 B�����i������ yw*

<>stream What you need to know about parental leave.

You usually serve the waiting period at the beginning of your benefit period, unless you receive earnings during the first week.

endstream When EI parental benefits are shared, a single waiting period may apply. When you work and receive benefits at the same time, you must not combine the hours and earnings of more than one week.


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