This dough can be made up to a few hours in advance, but once it’s cooked, the churros should be enjoyed immediately for best results. If you use ready-made apple crust, you can make this tasty treat in under half an hour," Riley told Insider. Credit: But, all those calories and fat are just too much to consume often. Welcome to air fryer dessert recipes. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. "The air fryer is perfect for making a small batch of brownies without heating up the whole house with the oven," he said. Pro-tip: Don’t skip draining your ricotta cheese! A flourless dessert that you can make in an Air Fryer? You'll love how an air-fryer turns out crunchy, chewy cookies. Air-fried foods aren't just a healthier take on indulgent treats. 9 Easy Air Fryer Dessert Recipes to Enjoy on a Diet Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition. They’re a lot healthier than their deep-fried counterparts too, and you can even make some baked goods (like cake) in your air fryer. Add butter and it will perfectly melt it for you. Air Fryer Shortbread. #airfryer #applefritters #airfryerdessert, Easy 5 minute air fryer donuts from canned biscuits. Where do I start? From cake in air fryer to air fryer pastry to air fryer muffins and cupcakes we have it covered! An air fryer dessert that you can eat for dessert or breakfast? Sticking your favorite sweet snack in the air fryer also guarantees a delicate, crispy coating you won't be able to get enough of. They have no sugar added, they’re super easy to make (Kids can help! We opted to give our Air-Fryer Fried Oreos an especially indulgent edge by adding in a layer of peanut butter; however, feel free to swap the peanut butter out for something else (dulce de leche or Nutella would be delicious!) Chocolate-chip cookies are another classic dessert you can easily make in an air fryer. There is very little that compares to a hot, deep fried funnel cake that has a dusting of confectioner’s sugar. Served with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream this would be SO good! This recipe is super easy too, using just a package of crescent rolls, Oreos, and some powdered sugar for a bit of topping. Let your air fryer make dinner … and DESSERT! 10 minutes, one air fryer, and one giant cookie later...pure dessert bliss. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. It is crazy easy to make, you will probably want to eat one everyday! Air fryers are known for their ability to give savory food a satisfying crispiness without excess oil, but the trendy appliance is also capable of whipping up quick and easy desserts. (However, you can also use aluminum foil formed into a cylindrical shape in lieu of the tubes.) From crispy "fried" Oreos to delicious donuts, these easy Air Fryer recipes will have you wondering why you didn't give up the oil even sooner. Sweet dough is air fried and coated in cinnamon sugar for a crispy and delicious Mexican treat perfect for dipping in chocolate or caramel sauce. These cheesecake chimichangas look phenomenal. Store-bought piecrust is a smart shortcut; it bakes up nice and flaky in the air fryer. Serve warm and top with greek yoghurt, ice cream or whipped cream. $26) – $4 each. Please vote another one. Chewy Air Fryer Brownies. You may have seen these popular, surprisingly delicious treats served at a fair before. Double-Glazed Air-Fried Cinnamon Biscuit Bites, Make These Easy Air-Fried Cinnamon Apple Chips With Almond Yogurt Dip. Apple fries made crisp in the air fryer and dipped in caramel sauce #airfryer #fallfood #apples #caramel, These delicious little Air Fryer Mini Apple Danishes use refrigerated crescent roll dough, so they only take 30 minutes to make from start to finish! Required fields are marked *. It’s like an adult-version easy bake oven! Get the full recipe: How to Make Air Fryer Donuts. Sounds pretty tasty! Air Fryer Desserts. Vote for your favorite deal for a chance to win free Amazon Gift Cards. With so many amazing desserts that you can cook in your air fryer, what should I tell you about first? Fabulessly Frugal: A Coupon Blog Sharing Gift Ideas, Amazon Deals, Printable Coupons, DIY, How to Extreme We may earn commission from the links on this page. Drizzle or dip in caramel sauce for the perfect blend. They’re a great way to use up some extra apples and take your breakfast to the next level. Few things in life are better than a warm, fresh doughnut, but it’s no secret that deep frying at home is a pain. You can easily enjoy delicious, diet-friendly desserts … Air Fried Cheesecake. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, El Paso issues a curfew ahead of Thanksgiving as it continues to fight a surge of Covid-19 cases and deaths, EU is willing to be "creative" to get a Brexit trade deal. Get the recipe from Healthy Slow Cooking. Plus, you can substitute the blueberries for any one of your favorite fruits if you’d like. Air Fried Chocolate Marshmallow Bread Pudding. We have a delicious skillet apple crisp recipe posted on our blog but this air fryer version looks great as well. When wrapping the Oreos in crescent dough, make sure the dough is fully encasing the cookie—otherwise, you’ll end up with burnt Oreos. Save yourself from the oven heat this summer and make your cakes in the Air Fryer. View Full Contest Details, Create an account to cast your vote on your favorite deals for a chance to win Amazon Gift Cards. It's easy to make this healthier version of French crullers in the air fryer. 47 Best Ever Air Fryer Dessert Recipes Air Fryer Desserts. These air fried apple fries are covered in cinnamon sugar and graham cracker crumbs for the perfect ending to this cool weather. No forks or spoons required, just easy-to-pick-up party foods, so you can clean up in no time. Healthy air fryer recipes are great, but did you know you can make some pretty killer desserts in your air fryer too? Is there anything an Air Fryer CAN'T do!? The slightly tangy flavor makes the chocolate sauce nice and smooth. The Air Fryer is one of those kitchen inventions that seem too good to be true. Oops! Air Fryer Crème Brûlée. Your email is safe with us! Plus, these cookies are so awesome because it only takes minutes to whip these up in your air fryer! Once you make these air-fryer desserts, you'll never want them any other way. Make the easiest Air Fryer Apple Pies in just 8 minutes with your air fryer and a store-bought pie crust plus filling, these are a simple dessert! Congratulations! We can't believe you only need four ingredients to make these churros! Kohl’s Black Friday! Then load in your extra ingredients and it saves you on washing up. They are easily made and decorated with sprinkles. Chefs share the best desserts to make in an air fryer. people to improve their health in my fitness challenge! If you're using a large sheet of premade pastry dough, be sure to cut an even number of strips so that each roll has a top and bottom layer. This dessert is on the healthier side too compared to some of the other air fryer dessert recipes on this list. Get the full recipe from Recipes That Crock. They’re filled with strawberries, banana, and a bit of Nutella, then they’re coated in butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar. Because of the way air fryers work, you can create perfect, ooey-gooey s’mores in minutes, all from the comfort of your own home. I have made more than 50 different desserts in the air fryer and rather than overwhelming you with 50 air fryer dessert options, below are my top 10 that you must make first. Offers may be subject to change without notice. My team and I work hard to bring Resist the urge to crowd the basket; these little guys need to bake in batches so they don’t stick together. Your favorite fried fair food without the extra oil. Related: Make These Cute Mini Desserts A simple apple air fryer dessert that is sweet and tasty. All rights reserved, Login to cast your vote on your favorite deals and a chance to win Amazon Gift Cards. YUM! Covered in a sweet old-fashioned glaze, these air fryer donuts (and donut holes) aren’t too doughy or thick, they’re tasty little sweet circles of goodness! Perfectly flaky pies from your air fryer? Cannoli are Italian pastries made by filling tubes of fried pastry dough with sweet ricotta cream. Here are some of our favorite dessert recipes for the air fryer: Yes, you can make donuts in your air fryer! It's Molteeennn!" Dessert Air Fryer Recipes.


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