Embregts, 2011; Forrester-Jones et al., 2006; Hastings and Remington, 1994; Schalock, 2004; Van Asselt-Goverts et al., 2013). Simply select your manager software from the list below and click on download. During the investigation process, I learned from many other visible minority acquaintances and friends, as well as a visible minority colleague of my husband’s who works in the Ontario school system, that this is the standard procedure in public schools when parents who are nonwhite/ethnic, low-income, and immigrant have complaints against the school. Nevertheless, the absence of data on the perceptions of informal network members in this review is in itself meaningful, but does not imply an overall lack of studies on informal network members of parents with ID. When a new study was coded, these codes were added to the ‘bank’ of codes, and new codes were developed if necessary. Baker, B.L., McIntyre, L.L., Blacher, J., Crnic, K., Edelbrock, C., & Low, C. (2003). The second phase of screening involved title and abstract selection by two independent reviewers (JK [PhD student] and WvO [PhD, experienced in conducting systematic reviews]) based on three inclusion criteria: (1) participants were parents with ID, their professionals or informal network members (note: professionals and informal network members had direct interactions with parents with ID, see search strategy); (2) outcomes included perceptions on the support needs of parents with ID; and (3) studies were qualitative or used a mixed-method format (Table 1). This recognition has effected a sociocultural shift in the position of people with ID and changed the focus of studies regarding the parenthood of people with ID (Schuengel et al., 2017). So why don’t we take this more seriously? In summary, services should always be available (Starke, 2011), structured, long-term/ongoing (McConnell et al., 1997), proactive, at home and tailored to individual needs (Jones, 2013; ‘work where they are at’, McConnell et al., 1997: 3). number of participants, gender). Also, child-related housekeeping was mentioned (e.g. In this phase, the reviewers included all papers that (based on title and abstract) could possibly meet the inclusion criteria; for example, participants at increased risk for ID (e.g. It is also estimated that between 40% and 60% of parents with a learning disability have their children removed from their care due to being assessed as unable to provide an adequate standard of parenting (Wilson and colleagues, 2013). But trying to keep some familiar routines along with the new ones can help reduce overall stress. View or download all the content the society has access to. We all have so much to learn, and so much to do. Declaration of conflicting interestsThe author(s) declared no potential conflicts of interest with respect to the research, authorship and/or publication of this article. Please keep me in the loop, and may the Force be with you! Self-advocacy can also promote increased participation and confidence for parents. According to the Scottish Government (2008), being a ‘good enough’ parent requires parents to be able to provide basic physical care, love and affection, security, guidance, boundaries, and age-appropriate responsibility and independence. Wilson S, McKenzie K, Quayle E et al (2013) A systematic review of interventions to promote social support and parenting skills in parents with an intellectual disability. Canadian society needs to look at it as a Canadian family issue and no family member should be left out because of an illness or measured the outcomes in dollars Fifteen studies considered the perceptions of parents (i.e. We need to learn from these people and we need support to identify and remove the barriers for our own sons and daughters, even when WE are one of the barriers. ‘Can I trust in your ability to be a good parent and how should I support you in this?’) and ambitions in becoming a full parent (e.g. The diagnostic process is a time of increased caregiver vulnerability and may bring up feelings of guilt, anger, depression or helplessness. This document is provided under the terms of a CreativeCommons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike license. We spend years advocating, dealing with highly volatile situations at times, problems at school and in the home, and have adapted to coping with these high-stress situations for so long that we probably don’t realize the toll it has taken. When funding is not available, much of the caregiving is done by unpaid family members. This certainly hits home and highlights care for the caregiver while recognizing the invaluable role of families becoming mediators. We have never had a funding to help him progress in his life. Don’t let this discourage you. Currently in Ontario, some families are linked to children’s treatment centres or children’s mental health centres, but these services end by age 18 or 19 although the caregiving continues. Emerson E and Brigham P (2014) The developmental health of children of parents with intellectual disabilities: cross-sectional study. The literature on family well-being in intellectual and developmental disabilities has primarily focused on the negative impact of the child with intellectual and developmental disabilities on maternal psychological well-being, often focusing on maternal stress and depression. Finally, this could positively contribute to parents feeling understood. Accessible information for parents with learning disabilities is crucial, yet evidence suggests that they are not consistently accessing specialist information such as the CHANGE resources made available by NHS Scotland (Lewis and colleagues, 2011), partly due to a lack of awareness among professionals. Families are our greatest asset. By meeting families “where they’re at” on their journey and walking with them, we provide validation to their hopes and fears, we create opportunities to connect with other families, and we’re able to provide safe spaces for conversations to happen. Informal network members concerned family members (i.e. In addition to the first two general screening criteria that apply to several kinds of research designs, the MMAT contains a specific set of four criteria to assess the methodological quality of qualitative studies (e.g. Pace et al. This study aimed to systematically review the perceptions of parents, professionals and informal network members regarding the support needs of parents with ID. Parents wanted supporters to ask what they want (Strike and McConnell, 2002; Tarleton and Ward, 2007) and make sure parents understand what is happening. And this lasts well beyond the time period expected – well into adulthood and often for the parents’ entire lives. He is high functioning but with cognition challenges but we have had struggles with healthcare throughout his life. Puckering C, MacIntosh E, Hickey A et al (2010) Mellow babies: a group intervention for infants and mothers experiencing postnatal depression. To reduce bias, the four reviewers discussed and refined the codes and themes. I remember feeling stung when a professional at a high school planning meeting leaned across the table and asked “Don’t you want _______ to live with you?”. A survey of parents’ reactions to the diagnosis of an autistic spectrum disorder by a local service. I mention this all just to illustrate the complete lack of support, and the negative events that occurred as a result of attempting to get even the inadequate services available to a young “moderate to severe” autistic child in Toronto. It will be used to respond to your enquiry and to get in touch for feedback. Parenting skills are learned more readily when taught one-on-one, Hands-on demonstration is important (often difficulty generalizing skills). We will keep your information for up to one year. Stress reduction interventions show incredible promise for use with caregivers with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and psychologists can take a lead role in delivering these interventions. It's also important to stay in touch with teachers and therapists so you can ask questions or seek advice. Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents with and without intellectual disability. Good practice examples include the Special Needs in Pregnancy Service (SNIPS) that involves specially trained midwives as part of a multi-disciplinary team that works directly with women during pregnancy to consider potential support needs. Our hope is that we are able to continue to do so for a good number of years to come. Don’t waffle on. Then try to show and explain, “We can't stand too close to other people when we are outside our home." Laura Lee McIntyre is past-president of APA Div. volunteers, friends and neighbours) might not be willing or already support parents with ID in practice. Scottish Government: Edinburgh, Stewart A, MacIntyre G and McGregor S (2016) Supporting parents with learning disabilities in Scotland: challenges and opportunities. I fervently wish for something better for fellow Canadians in this situation. But in the mean time, we are 56yrs and we are starting to get tired of all the paper work, the one on ones, the meltdowns after meltdowns, the extra work we need to put in, the mental health issues, the waiting lists after lists,, what do we do,,, there will come a point where hopefully our daughter will be able to take care of us, that’s the dream,, we are aloud to dream, maybe just maybe life will get easier not more difficult, There needs to be programs for us parents to help us prepare and get relief, more program for the parents and for their special needs, there should be a different program than the present ODSP system, there should be more money available for our children, we are missing so much for these amazing extraordinary parents and people.


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