This week, as I set out for two fun dives, purely to build my confidence and comfort in the water, I happened to be the only one on the boat who had dived before (not counting the instructors and divemasters). I am definitely going to try that. Exploring new places. Ocean Tribe Scuba Diving: MY FIRST SCUBA DIVING EXPERIENCE >>-----:> - See 143 traveler reviews, 134 candid photos, and great deals for Havelock Island, India, at Tripadvisor. 4. That must have been such an awesome experience. The idea of leaving the world I knew and entering into something far mysterious and oblivious was undoubtedly scary. Done snorkel twice and I almost break the guide’s finger coz I won’t let go his fingers and I freak out every time I can not see the bottom of the sea . I have been thinking of getting it as well, seeing how it is so much cheaper than GoPro. In fact, everything is taught in several steps: You’ve seen scuba divers in movies, right? it’s really worth it! Scubanautic is one of the Best Dive Center in Mallorca. Dude you are amazing. Following my diving instructor, I equalized my ears often, until I felt comfortable to explore the underwater sea.. Please see our full disclaimer page for more information. All the picture are looking nice. If you want to go on a day-trip Jeru Cajapin, organizes round-trips from Manila to the exact same dive spot in Bagalangit for 2700 PHP all in. Anyway, I have a question. He provided three options: Of course, as with anything travel related, prices change depending on the season so please contact them to get the best rates available. But for beginner’s guided closely by certified dive instructors, it’s easier to do it this way. Thanks to sea water sports. It is prohibited to adapt, edit, change, transform, publish or distribute this website or material on this website without Scubagal's prior written permission. Beautiful Cavern Dive in Koh Haa, Thailand, V for Vientiane: Eat, Sleep, Drinks and Dance, Love at the first sight with Luang Prabang. hey!!!! 1. Cool experience to share. Read about the common Scuba Diving Myths here and find out how most of the scary news about it just a myth. I’ve always harbored ambitions of becoming a real life mermaid (with pink hair), and this is the closest I can get to becoming one. I was overwhelmed by the theory modules even before I reached Goa; just reading ‘buoyancy’ and ‘air pressure’ took me back to my maths and physics exams in school and made me nauseous. And yes, you’re always invited to travel along. “That fin looks familiar”, I thought. A very silly buddy who went off doing somersaults and crazy things when we were meant to be practising our skills.I too was very nervous of sea snakes and moray eels.My instructor wouldn’t let me quit until I had done one open water dive.Once I was out in the open water I loved it.I have very happy memories of learning to dive. Celebrating over 36 years of diving the beautiful waters of St. Croix! Hire Kach Howe to coach you with Visa applications! Otherwise you won’t be able to breathe! My First Scuba Diving Experience. I've never been scuba diving before, but you almost make me want to go.This is very interesting blog. They seemed to be my only hope. Diving deep into the water sounds great. ( Log Out /  Thinking about it makes me sick and all frightened. Reply. What if something bad happened?” But I kept a positive thought: “It’s gonna be a wonderful experience. Water might get in your mask if you breathe through your nose, your hair gets inside the mask (girl problems), or it’s accidentally knocked off. I've never been scuba diving before, but you almost make me want to go.This is very interesting blog. The pain in the ears is also something that needs lots of adjustments. Once water seeps into your mask, take a moment to get used to the sensation of having water in it, breathing only with your mouth. So don’t worry about drowning because the BCD also doubles as a floatation device in emergencies, although that’s not really one of its recommended uses. What comes to your mind when you hear about this sport? thank you sea water sports. i did my first scuba diving this year in thailand and it was so awesome!! I think I get the tranquility you’re talking about and how the world seems to slow down when you’re underwater. Plus, it’s evidence of your awesome bucket-list worthy diving experience. When I quit my corporate career in 2016 and became, Kugti Village, Budhil Valley. Nice video, I visited Goa with my family. Before I tell you about the skills I learned on my first dive, I want to set your expectations first when it comes to breathing underwater.


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