1980’li ve 1990’lı yıllarda” Lojistik Yönetimi (LY)” ve “Tedarik Zinciri Yönetimi (TZY)” şeklinde farklılaşan lojistik kavramı, satın alma, üretim, depolama, envanter yönetimi, taşıma ve müşteri ilişkileri içeren çok boyutlu bir konsepte dönüşmüştür. Moreover, we believe that trade logistics and supply chain management are needed by emerging countries in order to improve their competitiveness as by obtaining the advantages of globalization they will be able to address shortage issues more efficiently in the entire world. both in research and industry) in SCI area?” and “Q3 – What are the approaches employed/discussed to integrate supply chains?”. Powerful dedicated servers with quality support. The role of logistics in supply chain management provides plenty of manufacturing to end of delivery to customers and returnssignificant improvements in industrial development. Exploratory, Normative, Methodology, Literature Review and Hypothesis testing. – The prime value and uniqueness of this paper lies in analysing and compiling the existing published material in relation to Q1, Q2 and Q3, including examining other variables (such as yearly publications, geographic location of each publication, type of publication, type of research methods used), which lacks in the recent published five SCI literature review-based articles (by Kim, 2013; Leuschner et al ., 2013; Alfalla-Luque et al ., 2013; Parente et al ., 2008; Fabbe-Costes and Jahre, 2007). In this chapter, supply chain management is defined and the uniqueness of our framework is explained. At the same time, a great role in the supply chains is played by logistics - the management of physical, informational, and human flows in order to optimize them and avoid unnecessary waste of resources. Logistics lead the movements and stores and delivers goods from starting production to final delivery, so as to meet consumer expectations. A literature classification scheme is proposed. 0 <]>> Role of Logistics in Supply Chains Chapter 2 2 1 CHAPTER 2 ROLE OF LOGISTICS IN SUPPLY CHAINS. Descriptions of the transactional and the relationship management views of business process management are provided. For completion of this seemingly arduous task with maximum efficiency and minimum hassles, an effective framework of logistics is integral. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. In addition, information on technological topics and their trends, obtained as a result of the proposed methodology for patent analysis, will help to better understand the technological landscape in logistics. The research paper aims to build a new frame of reference for studying and measuring the performance of Healthcare supply chain operations. H�lTK��0��W�Ѯ��螪��RO�ڃL�ld;�����&Q��3�}ݴ�6Y^Ŗ�n�۲���yc�Yw^-&��w����dE(�P32}�G�g%����)-�#�޾n�]~�%�������Y^� 3�t��('y�f��E����)M~�4(;��бړ��[���N��� �A�ʼ*�] �V I�O@��c?� �#�f O�JfxV�g^�r2Bq�e �@���9�(c���~��>IR�b��^��$TE�s�p�:�r��N�s��B��. %PDF-1.4 %���� In logistics … In this perspective, firstly, the process for emergence of logistics and the meaning of the word will be discussed. 21 May 2020 | 6 read. Another important aspect for stronger supply chain and efficient logistics management and eventually, effective logistics, is that one should think beyond point of consumption. Son olarak lojistik strateji kavramı ve olgusu tarihsel süreç ve lojistik ve tedarik zinciri bağlamında irdelenecektir. Coordination in, Nyaga, G.N. Each of the 293 papers was examined for achieving the aim and objectives of the research, the method of data collection, the data analysis method and quality measures. (2003) was followed to analyse and synthesise the extant literature on SCI area. Ph.D. Thesis, Institute of Business Economics Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary Hong, P., & Jeong, J. Moreover, several activities and subprocesses in each supply chain macro process are discussed in this paper. The concept of integration has received considerable attention in operations and supply chain management literature in a time spanning over a decade. This paper undertakes an extensive investigation of the relationships between supply chain integration and various performance dimensions using a meta-analytical methodology. Among which, efficient supply chain requires strong collaboration and information sharing between supply chain, This conceptual paper outlines the importance of integration in supply chain management (SCM) by linking the functions of logistics as it applies in strategic business process. In this context, historical facts and technological developments that contribute to the development of logistics strategy will be analyzed under a separate heading. Kavram, insanlığın var oluşundan bu yana süregelmekle beraber, son yüzyılda bilimsel olarak irdelenebilmiştir.


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