Ein Windschutz zum Abfangen von Windstößen und Explosivlauten (“B”, “T”” und “P”) sowie ein robuster Clip mit Kabelführung sind im Lieferumfang enthalten. Versand Deutschland, zzgl. “RØDE Rec LE” bietet nur ein paar Optionen, die Vollversion dagegen 8 gängige Audioformate an. Your email address will not be published. The Zoom H1 is still a bit bulky in a pocket and the input connection comes off the side making it even more uncomfortable. Das smartLav+ Ansteckmikrofon erfüllt durchaus Broadcast-Ansprüche und eignet sich daher für Film-, Fernseh- und vergleichbare Anwendungen, aber auch für andere Bereiche, die ein möglichst diskretes Aufnahmesystem erfordern, das selbst mehrere Personen überzeugend aufnehmen kann.

The smartLav+ is compatible with any audio app that accepts input from the headset connection, however it has been designed to pair perfectly with RØDE’s RØDE Reporter app for Apple iOS devices. Philip Glass Trilogy Exclusive with State Opera … This includes personalizing content and advertising.
More innovation from competitors would help the pricing. "Look at me...I have cool technology...I must know what I'm doing!". They make them up when you put in your order so you can get a custom length cable (max 114 inches). I think not or they would have boasted so. I would deem it a sub-professional microphone. After receiving the item, contact seller within, Money back or replacement (buyer's choice). I wonder what kind of active electronics (if any) are contained in the mic. If the transmission(s) fails then there's a recorded backup on the iphone/ipod/ipad etc. SmartLAV would require additional syncing in post. Firstly, how many iOS devices does the wedding videographer own to put a separate iphone in everyone's pocket. “RØDE Rec” bietet mehrere praktische Exportfunktionen: SoundCloud, DropBox, FTP, E-Mail und Webbrowser. I'm sure it will have many applications such as classroom, meetings and personel note taking. It's hard to find these types of mics compatible with smartphones, they'll sell alot of these. Um arktis.de in vollem Umfang nutzen zu können, empfehlen wir Ihnen Javascript in Ihrem Browser zu aktiveren. DJI MAVIC PRO – Compact Size Folding Design. I would be scared as all hell though that my phone would ring during the middle of the ceremony in his pocket. The package comes with mic clip with cable management, a foam pop shield and a small carry pouch. On their website they claim that older ipod touches will also work with, that mic, but what about the quality, will it be tha same? Mwst, inkl. No need to meter if you can't adjust the input so I assume they either have this in the software (although input gain attenuation is usually a hardware function rather than software). © 2020 RØDE Microphones. Jetzt können Sie das gewünschte Audioformat wählen. I could have bought a zoom recorder, an lugged my $300 sony ecm and some xlr cables with me - but it's all starting to get a little bulky, and now I'm stressing about humidity affecting my gear. Did they record the promo video with these? Too scratchy and distorted. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. RØDE Reporter turns the user’s iOS device into a fully-capable field recorder, with the ability to publish recordings to a range of platforms direct from the app. Versand Ausland. Das smartLav kann wie ein herkömmliches Ansteckmikrofon angebracht und mit einem Smartphone in der Westentasche usw. Perfekter Ton ganz nah!

Earn up to 5x points when you use your eBay Mastercard®. Required fields are marked *. The Rode smartLav+ is a lavalier microphone for your Apple or Android mobile device that is designed to deliver high-quality audio recording. would i be able to use this mic with a zoom h1? The smartLav+ clips on to your shirt or lapel, and the sensitive, … What it comes down to is if you ever need to capture audio for interviews or you think you may need to one day, my suggestion would be to pick up a RØDE SmarLav and have it in your bag at all times. I've been shopping for a LAV compatible with my iPad. On a positive note, I do enjoy seeing innovation in this arena. Ok, just saw the real price. I'm not looking to buy an iPhone specifically to record audio. If so, how is phantom power being generated? Thank you! So now, I'm quite a bit more interested. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Das smartLav Ansteckmikrofon erfüllt durchaus professionelle Ansprüche und eignet sich daher für Film-, Fernseh- und Broadcast-Anwendungen, aber auch für andere Bereiche, die ein möglichst diskretes Aufnahmesystem erfordern, das auch mehrere Personen überzeugend aufnehmen kann. You might as well shoot the video with it as well... @Toby Fairchild - I've worked a few weddings in my day, and it's standard to mic the groom and the officiant (or priest). Microphone of the Year 2013. "I am not sure about stability of iOS" oh god, here to? An Android version would also be welcome. I can see why Rode created this LAV and speaking for myself, I think it's going to be a great selling product and I would personally use this over a Zoom H1 (if the audio is clean).

I think I would trust the Rolond R05 way more.


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