Remove chains & let grout cure before proceeding to next section. 0000001242 00000 n The flume's internal dimensions must not be distorted due to grout pressure. Non-shrink grout is not required. When setting the flume in concrete, pay attention to the following points: Very small Parshall flumes can be set in place as follows: As our products are developed continuously. 2. Buy Now and Save! Small Parshall Flume Installation. Wire anchor clips on flume's underside to vault floor or place rebar bent into a "U" shape through the anchor clip. Numerous optional equipment items are available for use with flow meter. The buoyant forces of grout can cause a flume Each site is different so the cleaning schedule will vary from site to site. 0000006804 00000 n The free-flow discharge range and dimensions for Parshall flumes are given on figure 8-9. 0000005384 00000 n Small flume installation Large flume installation. 0000005169 00000 n NB! 0000001341 00000 n Large flumes View and Download Xylem Parshall flumes instruction manual online. Check that flume's crest is still level. The flume must be installed with the flume's crest. The flume shall have a throat width and depth as specified on the plans. The flume must be installed at the elevation specified by the engineer. Let the concrete harden before filling the sides of the shuttering, so the flume will be firmly secured in the concrete. Parshall Flume Level (Staff) Gages give you a quick way to see what the Level and Flow are in your Parshall Flume! Large flumes must also be weighted and lined on the interior to prevent floating or distortion due to the grout's hydrostatic pressure. Frosty heave, erosion, scour, and animal traffic can all contribute to this. )=%h�#=]D��*BT�S �@������a�ލӸ�� [�:�q(�C8P:�8b|݄.����Y������*�e�Ҙ�ɏ� <8=a Fiberglass 60-Inch Parshall Flume. Source: Global Water Instrumentation Inc. Get the latest water industry news, insights, and analysis delivered to your inbox. 0000008110 00000 n If no blocks are available, pour piers (perpendicular to the flow) under the area where the flume is to be located. 0000035948 00000 n 0000033263 00000 n Submerged flow conditions occur when the resistance to flow in the downstream channel becomes sufficient to reduce the velocity, increase the flow depth, and cause a backwater effect at the Parshall flume. Shim where required. The bracing on the top of the flume should be left on until the installation has been completed. In general, the smallest flume of adequate capacity is selected. The use of a grout hose may be required. The nature of a Parshall Flume is such that there is only ONE correct point of measurement under free-flow. Depending upon the size / nature of the repair, you may need to grind or sand more than what a batteries provide. Where do I Measure the Flow in a Parshall Flume? 0000027394 00000 n For irrigation / water rights flumes, a good time to check your flume is before the spring thaw. In developing the Parshall flumes over the years, researchers have developed:  1", 2", 3", and then 6", 9", and larger sizes. 0000014546 00000 n How Accurate is a Parshall Flume? The weight required must be equal to the weight of the grout that is displaced by this volume. 0000026168 00000 n In general, the smallest flume of adequate capacity is Size available range from 1" through 96". Table for determination of the constants k, n and the distance to the sensor. 0000004886 00000 n Large flumes may also require blocks or other support on the underside of the flume to support the interior weights during installation. ha = water level before the throat [m] hb = water level in the throat [m], L = distance to the sensor = 3 to 4 × ha max, The factor k and exponent n are constants. The flume must not float out of its intended final position during installation. It is very important for the overall measuring accuracy to comply with the installation instructions on the next page. �}Gl�E�M,!=�4AE�(��U�b#��Ɣ� �~������J��D�Ek��"����M4�|<4 ���CHUr͝�p�a�?c|��I@���L�F���� ����Vmo���e������q���!�ع�XK�l�M����ͨ���a��(��g\C]��ˉ��_m���4%3^�d�nEi~��=�' If your flume has a staff gauge, take extra time to make sure that the gauge is clean and readable. increase the flow depth, and cause a backwater effect at the Parshall flume. Weight must be adequate to resist buoyant forces of the grout. 0000002437 00000 n The buoyant forces of grout can cause a flume to float during installation.


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