The chemical formula (not equation) of sodium fluoride is NaF.

For example, F-is the conjugate base or the weak acid, HF. Sodium fluoride is a colorless crystalline solid or white powder, or the solid dissolved in a liquid. Our videos prepare you to succeed in your college classes. How long can you keep a fresh turkey in the fridge before it has to be cooked? What is the conflict of the story sinigang by marby villaceran? Our expert Chemistry tutor, Jules took 2 minutes and 40 seconds to solve this problem. Which of the following will be more soluble in an acidic solution than in pure water?Be(OH)2RbClO4CuClAlPO4PbSO4.

What is the chemical formula for sodium fluoride dissolved in water. How will understanding of attitudes and predisposition enhance teaching?
The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Our tutors have indicated that to solve this problem you will need to apply the Ionic Salts concept. Concept: Main Group Metal Cations and Acidity. NaF is the salt formed in this neutralization reaction . Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. If you forgot your password, you can reset it. A large group of Brønsted bases consists of the anions of weak acids. It is corrosive to aluminum. Or if you need more Ionic Salts practice, you can also practice Ionic Salts practice problems. Let us help you simplify your studying. You can view video lessons to learn Ionic Salts.

It is also used to fluorinate water supplies, as a wood preservative, in cleaning compounds, manufacture of glass, and for many other uses. How old was queen elizabeth 2 when she became queen? What part of the liturgical calendar are flowers removed from the sanctuary? Consider the following table of Ksp values.The molar solubility of __________ is not affected by the pH of the solution. It is soluble in water. Our videos will help you understand concepts, solve your homework, and do great on your exams. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Inter state form of sales tax income tax?

If you are having trouble with Chemistry, Organic, Physics, Calculus, or Statistics, we got your back! How long will the footprints on the moon last? Concept: Transition Metal Cations and Acidity. Our tutors rated the difficulty ofWhat is the pH relevant reaction for NaF dissolved in water? medium difficulty. Sodium fluoride (NaF) is an inorganic compound with the formula Na F.It is used in trace amounts in the fluoridation of drinking water, toothpaste, in metallurgy, as a flux, and is also used in pesticides and rat poison.It is a colorless or white solid that is readily soluble in water. What scientific concept do you need to know in order to solve this problem? It is used as an insecticide. Why is melted paraffin was allowed to drop a certain height and not just rub over the skin? Join thousands of students and gain free access to 46 hours of Chemistry videos that follow the topics your textbook covers. It is noncombustible. It is known as NaF(aq). By registering, I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Clutch Prep is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? What is the chemical formula for sodium fluoride dissolved in water? Get a better grade with hundreds of hours of expert tutoring videos for your textbook.
Ask Login. How long does a fresh turkey last in the refrigerator? NaHSO3.

When did organ music become associated with baseball? What professor is this problem relevant for? What is the pH relevant reaction for NaF dissolved in water? All Rights Reserved. You can follow their steps in the video explanation above. How do you put grass into a personification? Is there a way to search all eBay sites for different countries at once? Determine if the following compound will create an acidic, basic or neutral solution. What is the popular or general journal called in English? A. Na+ (aq) + 2 H2O (l) → NaOH (aq) + H 3O+ (aq), B. NaF (aq) + H 2O (l) → NaOH (aq) + HF (aq), D. Na− (aq) + H2O (l) → NaH (aq) + OH − (aq), E. F− (aq) + H2O (l) → HF (aq) + OH − (aq). How long was Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister?

Based on our data, we think this problem is relevant for Professor Ratliff's class at USF. What is the exposition of the story of sinigang? What is the conflict of the story of sinigang? Password must contain at least one uppercase letter, a number and a special character. In water, NaF (s) will dissolve to produce Na + (aq), the conjugate base of a strong acid, which will not react with water. How long does this problem take to solve?


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