MSCAA aims to positively contribute towards increasing the general standard of artisanship in South Africa in the following focus-areas: Our approach to training is based on traditional artisan principles and skills, strongly underpinned by German craftsmanship and training methodology. The management of individual patients remains the direct responsibility of the individual doctor / health professional. It should lead either to improved performance of employees and employment for the unemployed. The programme commences in September 2021. King's College London Clinical Dermatology MSc course. MSC Training. The dissertation is researched and written in the second year of the programme (January - end of June). Over the course of the programme you will: Closing date for applications is 27th March 2021. Training at MAASA is offered by means of the following: LearnershipsApprenticeshipsSkills Programmes (Credit Bearing)Short Programmes (Company Specific),, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. increased confidence and sense of well-being. This programme offers the opportunity to: The MSc as a management qualification has allowed participants to make a career change. Through the course of the programme participants examine philosophies of education, theories of learning, developments in neuroscience, and culture and organisations. Reflect on your professional practice and be aware of the values that shape your practice. Participants have moved into industry training roles, and the academy. Enter your email address below and we will send you a link that you can use to reset your password. Within the e-Learning programme there are two options that satisfy the dissertation requirement. The dissertation in particular allows this opportunity to build a new career pathway. The dissertation in particular allows this opportunity to build a new career pathway. Queries from EU applicants should be directed to Engage in action research which involves investigating your own practice or a situation with the intent to bring about a change or improvement. Queries on completed applications can be made by e-mail to For me, the Masters has delivered, as I successfully changed career to Learning and Development programmes manager. The programme is delivered by a team of academics and practising experts with applied experience in eLearning, Learning and Leadership. The MSc study pathway also includes a critical evaluation (dissertation) of dermatological literature on a … Please apply by 27th March 2021 using - Part-time (E-Learning strand). The dissertation element of the MSc. Further develop yourself as a teacher, lecturer, leader. RESET YOUR PASSWORD. The programme is designed to provide the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable you to make effective and informed decisions about how to design, use and evaluate e-Learning to meet your organisation’s educational and training requirements. Congratulations on being selected as a Metropolitan Police Special Constable The process will involve you carrying out a degree of online study before you attend a training centre and commence your training … Welcome to the online learning service for Metropolitan Police Special Constables. Past graduates have highlighted the following benefits after completing the programme: If you are already in employment, this programme offers an opportunity to advance your career in the education or training environment, to improve your leadership and eLearning skills, or to switch to a new career in eLearning, training management, leadership or elsewhere in education. Applications for entry to this course normally via PAC (closed 30th October 2020) can be made from 30th November 2020 onwards. All Applications Such applicants will be required to submit a written assignment or portfolio prior to interview. The programme takes place on scheduled Wednesday evenings from 6.30-8.30pm (webinar) and on scheduled weekends (face-to-face). I had been an Electronic Engineer for 15 years and really wanted a new challenge. Courses Msc Artisan Academy - MSC Corporate Academy is an additional arm of MSC Business College and offers a full range of short courses and skills programmes to private and public enterprises. This provides opportunities for course participants to gain international experience and develop their e-Learning skillset. The MSC Artisan Academy has been established in response to the general decline in the quality and supply of artisan training that has over time resulted in a critical shortage of high level technical skills in … For further information you can click on King's College London Clinical Dermatology MSc course. Interview slots will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The MSc study pathway also includes a critical evaluation (dissertation) of dermatological literature on a specialist subject. Participants are invited to participate in European and international e-Learning research activities organised by the International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning at DCU. promotions or opening up of new career opportunities, Application of multimedia and advanced digital skills, Specialist knowledge: theories of learning, philosophy, implications of brain research to learning, instructional design, change management, reflective practice and computational thinking, Personal development i.e. The Graduate Diploma element of the programme consists of 6 modules and runs over 3 semesters. For information about programme fees, please refer to the DCU Fees Booklet 2020-21. Students can carry out applied research which consists of a written piece of 15,000-20,000 words or a creative piece, which consists of the creation of an educational video or online training/educational resources that supports and enhances learning, and a written component. International Applications Examine philosophies of education, theories of learning, developments in neuroscience, and culture and organisations, Certified academic transcripts for all years of study at college or university in original language*, with certified English translations, Certified copy of parchment / degree certificate, with certified English translation if necessary, Personal statement of 500 words outlining your reasons for applying. We do however hope that health professionals using the website will contact the academy regarding comments that are considered misleading or incorrect so that we can continue to improve the website.


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