Mobile wallet apps, such as Passbook make it easy to use and store all information in one location. Is product branding a current goal? For e-commerce alone, average smartphone conversion rates are up to 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates. With personalization and proper targeting, push notifications can also be the perfect channel to use call-to-actions. There’s a 70% chance that you’re reading this on a mobile device. Besides providing outstanding UX for mobile users, mobile-friendly content also means meeting the search engine requirements for mobile-friendliness. Your eCommerce website is where you conduct your business, which makes it your most critical resource.

Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are changing the way consumers interact with brands, and consequently, vice versa. For example, American movie theater chain AMC Theaters created a cool AR campaign back in 2013.

Still not convinced? Mobile users love video: more than 50% of all video content is viewed on mobile and 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. 2. When we think about smartphones, the first thing that comes to mind is internet connectivity. Your mobile marketing ROI is not limited to the return on ad spend (ROAS) because it puts into consideration your total mobile marketing cost, which will include advertising spend, hosting fees or technology infrastructure, customer support, email marketing automation, app development, push notifications, etc. There’s no doubt that marketing to mobile phone user is an important part of Digital Marketing. How many quality leads did you get?

People don’t have to sit in front of a television to get entertained or watch the news. It’s never been a better time to market to consumers via mobile channels. Did you know that nearly 65% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose apps or mobile websites offer them relevant recommendations on products they might be interested in? Therefore, one of the most important mobile marketing strategies is to ensure that all your content is optimized for mobile, starting from your landing page to the checkout page. You can also use an app to lure customers with deals, flash sales, and product updates through push notifications. It is a metric that measures the revenue impact of your marketing campaigns. 1. Or is customer acquisition and lead generation a priority task? This mobile marketing strategy is all about creativity. Search engine optimization and a mobile-friendly website can give your business an edge when consumers are ready to purchase. , you can track the users’ activity on your website and send personalized product recommendation messages. Essentially, mobile marketing should not be separated from a mobile-friendly content strategy. Mobile marketing to the rescue. Manufacturers are responding to consumer demand and developing faster, more powerful, and less expensive mobile devices. But, which networks should you use? Also, personalization is very key, so your content has to be relevant, clear and targeted. Luckily, making mobile marketing work in your favor is not as hard as you might think and these 6 strategies will help you get started off the right foot. There are many ways to boost your eCommerce business with a mobile app that shoppers can download. We have looked at some very important metrics that are useful in calculating your overall mobile marketing ROI. For instance, you can measure the engagement rate for social media, as different from email, SMS and push notifications, which are all different from user engagement and stickiness for mobile applications. A web platform or SMS gateway is a great solution that allows you to send bulk text messages around the world at affordable rates.

Understanding the value or unique selling proposition (USP) of your product or service helps you to engage your customers better right from the time you first communicate with them to the time they become repeat customers. You can target consumers based on their location, interests, demographics, mobile device, phone model, internet connection type, and so on. You need to keep in mind that mobile users have a short attention span. Many of us have become used to speaking to our mobile phones. Time spent on mobile devices is increasing. Market research related to your business is the first step.

to understand what questions they have; Create customer personas by visualizing specific attributes such as their age, profession, task they perform etc. These statistics might help you: Pinterest (21%) is now more popular than Twitter (18%), in terms of usage.

So, make sure that your mobile web content fits well on every screen size and that it loads fast. The response rate is 209% higher than Facebook, phone, or email.


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