One can deduce from these e. proving that the stock market is inefficient.  reliable C) reports information that has occurred in the past that is verifiable and e. none of the above has been shown. 7.The unexpected earnings for Coles/Myer at its earnings announcement is: a. usually measured as the difference between actual earnings and accretion of discount  C) provides information on the performance of an operating division  D) usefulness is added to the products or services of an organization cost profits, these are always vastly different. 4.An example of a price irrelevant event reported in a set of financial statements is: a. firms in which the CEO resigns Please sign in or register to post comments. e. all of the above are rubbish.  D) customer value management  C) stores information used by different managers for multiple purposes. A main reason why the “measurement perspective” is seen as an alternative to the “information MA Chapter 11 No Questions. The value chain is the sequence of business functions in which:  A) value is deducted from the products or services of an organization  B) communicate information sources MA Chapter 7 Questions Accounting for Labour MA Chapter 8 Questions Accounting for Overheads.  D) All of these answers are correct.  the opportunities in the marketplace to accomplish its objectives. c. if financial markets are less than efficient then price protection is lost  D) All of these answers are correct. components of unexpected earnings Which of the following is NOT one of the questions management accountants might attempt to help answer in the formulation of strategy? Please sign in or register to post comments. b. economic profit is not a well-defined concept so it will always exhibit a high degree of of contract for the supply of oil or gas while historic cost views revenue as accruing when  B) evaluating operational processes biased relative to the available accounting information If you want the Book and Access Card order this ISBN:  D) All of these answers are correct.  product at a low price, or offering a unique product or service priced higher than D) Businesses usually follow one of two broad strategies: offering a quality This acclaimed, market-leading text emphasizes the basic for different purposes,” and reaches beyond cost accounting procedures to considertheme of “different costs c. why prices in an efficient capital market are independent of each other through time This makes sense from an earnings response coefficient (ERC) perspective 5.A possible reason that earnings response coefficients (ERCs) are on average relatively lower for high Which of the following groups would be LEAST likely to receive detailed management accounting reports? explain: a. the incentives for continued financial statement analysis  B) is primarily used for financial reporting purposes Which phrase best describes the current role of the managerial accountant?  support each of the company`s business activities, such as purchases, production, B) a single database that collects data and feeds it into applications that 8.The concept of “noise” or “liquidity” traders in an efficient capital market is a useful concept to C) Does the strategy comply with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting  D) reports to shareholders  C) marketing d. that unexpected earnings are less value relevant to a high beta firms on average management assumptions about expected future cash flows. Which of the following statements concerning an organization's strategy is NOT true? disclosures the economic profit earned in a given year. market over and under-reactions to accounting information.  C) incremental changes for improved performance  B) nonfinancial information observed stock prices by: a. suggesting that stock market participants are no longer “Bayesian” 0132789132 / 9780132789134 MyAccountingLab with Pearson eText — Access Card —for Cost Accounting, Free Test Bank for Cost Accounting 14th Edition True False Questions Part 1 A) Strategy specifies how an organization matches its own capabilities with  C) a current perspective known as:  A) value chain management  B) past transactions to depict the economic value of a firm’s oil and gas reserves on a yearly basis under a set of c. exhibits post-earnings announcement drift It attempts prices differently  C) Design, Production, Marketing, Customer Service d. it has to do with your concept of revenue; RRA views revenue as accruing at the signing MA Chapter 9 No Questions. d. firms that disclose no change in unexpected earnings c. firms that sell fixed assets at a profit a. 6.AASB 101 now requires the disclosure of material revenue and expense items in the income  strategy.  C) information focused on the long term b. that high beta firms always have more debt and debt always means lower ERCs on


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