The Cadmus Arc is is an important part of the DC Animated Universe, particularly for Superman. Seriously, when the League returns to the present after Savage is defeated, Wonder Woman goes to a military rest home and finds an elderly Trevor. The whole episode is a loving meditation on just how compelling, cool, and unstoppable they are as their sisterhood is put to the test. Kevin Conroy sings as Batman, what else do you need to know? Of course, we were wrong, but we’ll get to that. Yeah, “The Savage Time” is simply perfect. And so he doesn’t. Any time the New Gods are on the screen in these series, it’s a good episode. The episode explores Batman’s will they/won’t they romance with Diana and shows fans that even as a pig, Wonder Woman cannot be stopped. Whenever viewers heard Michael Ironside’s voice uttering evil commands, they knew things were serious. JLU’s focus on politics also gets a fascinating foreign policy bent here. From Batman’s refusal to use a six shooter, to Green Lantern’s absolute delight at being a sheriff, to Jonah Hex just knowing that the League is from the future because he’s “led an interesting life,” “The Once and Future Thing” finds these perfect little snapshots to add layers to all the characters caught up in Chronos’s chronal chaos. While the arc spans several episodes, the real draw is the four-part finale to the show’s second season. Their initial season left him with virtually no appearances outside of background cameos with no dialogue. Show them “The Greatest Story Never Told” and you’ll not only make yourself a JLU fan, but you’ll get them wondering just why the hell this guy hasn’t joined up with the Legends of Tomorrow cast yet. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. This turns the public and government largely against them, spurring Cadmus to retaliate while Luthor and Brainiac (who is hiding inside Luthor) attempt to take over the world and destroy Superman once and for all. So what better way to honor that lineage than by taking original Super Friends characters -- like Apache Chief and the Wonder Twins -- and casting them as the young group of heroes trying to supersede the Justice League. But on the other hand, it’s such a perfect half-hour with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, and one of the very rare direct adaptations of a comic book story for the early DCAU. Not only does the adventure show him prove himself to himself, but the Injustice Gang’s smartest and most competent member ends up being Batman’s top bad guy, vindicating his role even further. “Twilight” is a fight between Brainiac and Darkseid, a series of escalating attempts by both to out-manipulate the other. Things get even more badass when Roulette reveals her champion (a brainwashed Wonder Woman) and the ladies of the League must take down the most powerful woman on Earth. The beauty of “Legends” isn’t just how it lovingly parallels the JSA with these characters, but in the curveball it throws us. Even if they’re defeated, the Justice League can never be sure that they won’t become them down the line and the narrative for the rest of the series reminds us of this very regularly. JLU gave us a similar scene in "Doomsday Sanction," which ends with Batman coldly dressing Superman down for sending Doomsday to the Phantom Zone without any due process. 1. These early episodes of Justice League, while not as completely wrapped up in DCU fan service as Justice League Unlimited was, showcase the team dynamic in a way that often reminds me of Star Trek: The Next Generation more than a show about superheroes. Justice League was at its best exploring different eras and genres of the DC Universe. And sure, maybe they could have stretched it into a two-parter to give fans an even nerdier look at the secret interior fantasy world of Superman. Dini even finds hilarious moments for barely used Leaguers like B’wana Beast, Red Tornado, Elongated Man, and Crimson Avenger. Just check out J’onn manipulating intergalactic power struggles between wannabe dictators! Obviously, Icthultu is a stand in for Cthulhu while Hawkgirl’s allies are stand ins for Marvel’s original Defenders. "Kids' Stuff" — With the influx of so many new heroes, the original lineup of Justice League took on more mentor-y roles in Unlimited. Filed Under: Articles and Opinions, Ricky Church, Television Tagged With: DC, Dwayne McDuffie, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Superman, The Flash. Justice League Unlimited was the most political DCAU show, especially in its first two seasons, which were concerned with how the Justice League wielded its enormous power. —C.H. Both teams had been active in the comics for decades, but neither had made it to tv by then. It packs in deep cuts for DC lore (both animated and comic), and closes with 20 minutes of balls out Justice League action, one of the best Flash moments of all time and an emotional climax for the original seven Leaguers that could have been a perfect series finale. This four-part arc was written by Justice League Unlimited‘s producer, the late and great Dwayne McDuffie, who really examined some serious issues here. Nah, he probably could. The best episodes of Justice League Unlimited. in the background, Booster is left to deal with a relatively mundane task…which turns out to not be so mundane after all. Whether its Supergirl vs. her evil clone, Question taking on Lex or Green Arrow’s appeal to Superman at the end, there’s a lot of great imagery here. The JLU creative team introduces us to this larger-than-life superhero show through the eyes of the most street-level vigilante around. Despite the all-ages format of the show, there’s enough detail to get it across how messed up Superman and the rest have become. Dini even finds hilarious moments for barely used Leaguers like B’wana Beast, Red Tornado, Elongated Man, and Crimson Avenger. Sinestro, Killer Frost, Giganta, Parasite, Shade, and Clayface all band together with the master strategist Grodd (voiced by the greatly missed Powers Booth) to take down the League. Justice League Unlimited Season 2 Episode 3. It’s a fun episode in its own right, but it’s the fact that it’s packed with easter eggs that makes it a classic. However, he misjudged just how much the common people were wary of the League’s growing power and influence. Amanda Waller – one of Batman’s greatest rivals – sets things straight and helps Terry realize how wrong he was about what kind of person Bruce Wayne is. Justice League felt the repercussions of that echo through the first season, and that event coupled with Brainiac’s destruction here is eventually the catalyst for the entire first season of Justice League Unlimited. Kin Shriner's Green Arrow would go on to serve as a voice of reason throughout the epic events of JLU, and this episode is a perfect introduction.


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