Now owned by the J.M. Peter Pan peanut butter is completely new to me. Do you remember Jiffy peanut butter?

He also bred horses , or at least he did after Jiffy Peanut Butter and other business ventures made him very rich. There is long standing controversy over the spelling of the world famous peanut butter brand, Jif Peanut Butter. Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Theme. Sounds gross I … Many people swear the popular peanut butter brand we see today as "Jif" was once called "Jiffy". This was 1998-2002. His dog’s name was a Sniffy, so we always wanted to make a lame commercial with his dog eating the peanut butter with the tagline “Sniffy likes Jiffy, so should you!” and send it in. I know I’m not special in any way so if millions of people around my age were exposed to both these brands and we have traumatic experiences that jumble up our memories a little, I can expect at least 1% of the population to remember Jiffy. That thing is spooky. (And, before anyone insists people are mixing it up with Skippy: I’m pretty sure the advertising has always made the difference clear.). I got chills when I read about this post. Well, if I’m remembering it wrong, so is this game show from October 17, 2012, The Pyramid S01E33.

First, I checked Google Image Search to see what the earliest images looked like. A study done by an MIT study discussed that over a period of 10 years, possible hoax or rumors were much more likely to go viral than the actual story. But if I’m being choosy, I’d choose Jif. i am wondering if that is why so many people disbelieve that our skies have changed ,that some of us came from a dimension or parralel that never had chemtrailing and here in this dimension its been going on forever.watched a series called “fringe” a while back where the alternate universe had blimps ,and now in this universe we have JLENS blimps up in the skies in maryland,washington DC,and virginia…i dont know,i am so creeped out anymore. Lauren Novak That’s why I’m approving this comment, with some uneasiness. I’d also like to thank you Fiona for a great article and for this website most of all. I was a competitive swimmer for most of my life. Another possible explanation to the Shazaam occurrence could be that Sinbad actually dressed up as a genie for a movie marathon that he was hosting in the 90s. I specifically remember thinking … That’s weird I thought it was called Jiffy… The same has happened to me with Froot (fruit) loops. It has always been Jiffy in my memory.
People might simply be combining the names of Jif peanut butter with Skippy peanut butter to make “Jiffy”. (Side note: I have no memory of any jingle for this brand due to not watching much television). He was singing the jingle. I believe the confusion is due to the fact we grew up with “Jiffy Pop”, the popcorn that swelled within a foil-covered pan. I’m not someone that can sit and accept things. It’s a personal weakness. and yes ,it was always the bernstein bears to me yet seeing the cursive writing as “berenstain” looks so correct? Then I started questioning myself a little. Broome began posting on her website habitually logging the strange occurrences. I’m totally mind blown, because I do share most of the memories here.

She had a knife when I came to bed last night. Timeframe: 86-89 Jiffy. Einstein said “Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. I remember that they made a joke that it was now Jif peanut butter, instead of Jiffy. I remember the line, choosy mom's choose Jif, but I feel that was beat in my head through branding over the last decade, not my childhood. It's called Jif, even though people remember the popular brand of peanut butter being called “Jiffy” and having a … Love your website btw. My mother is also very resistant to me talking about this and other similar subjects I get excited about because they contradict her philosophy of life. After some of the deep discussions on this thread, this may sound a bit trivial, but I was watching the NFL channel yesterday and as usual the pundits were joking around, teasing each other and disagreeing with each other about the various teams… As part of their disagreement one of them asked another what brand of peanut butter he was raised on… He said JIFFY and the guy who asked him the question said that he was raised on JIFFY too.. Not JIF but JIFFY! I was really confused by it. Why is it Called The Mandela Effect? Which one do you remember?
Finally I stated just get the Jif. I remember it as Jiffy when I was a kid. This is the original Mandela Effect website. In a May 1996 article, Sports of The Times;Lukas Lives The Life Of Riley,  The New York Times reporter Harvey Araton said about Jif’s creator, William T. Young: Alongside the gracious but taciturn Young, Lukas lit up the winner’s circle. Broome later began to uncover that a large number of people all remember the same event, yet it never happened. However, he died in 2013 after being released from prison in 1990. A term coined by paranormal consultant Fiona Broome, the Mandela Effect refers to a collective misremembering of a fact or event. Is it an acronym? Press J to jump to the feed. No date of origin.

However, Young’s biography at Overbrook Farm says, “Young returned to Lexington… and started a peanut butter company. After Googling it, we aren’t the only ones who remember it as Jiffy. Then a few years ago, I noticed they had “changed” the name to JIF and the label was red|blue|green.

I remember when it changed and Skippy appeared and it was suddenly Jif. I also remember seeing Jif in the store one day and assuming they had just re-branded. Eta - I remember Skippy, and jiffy, and later assumed jif was a different company. i was born in the earl 80’s and never heard of jiffy popcorn. I’m questioning myself because I read someone else’s comments on this on line and they mentioned “Jiffy Pop Popcorn” which we also had as a treat sometimes. have felt this techno creepyness here since about 2011 ,so to those who have similar memories: HOW DO WE GET BACK TO OUR OWN UNIVERSE?? Do you recall Jif peanut butter launching as “Jiffy”? Our minds really tricked us with this one because it has always been The Berenstain Bears. Did the NY Times not fact-check? It is a message people can connect with but it has been something else entirely all this time. Dezember 2013 (95 Jahre) in seinem Haus in Houghton. However, this is also the kind of comment I rarely approve because — if you’ve read my policies-related comments — you’d know that telling us we’re just confused about something is rather insulting, and telling us “we have to accept” the “confusion” explanation is unacceptable at this website. It was interchangeable for me, like I would call it either jif or jiffy, the jar may have said jif, but I knew it as jiffy too, and didnt think anything of it. That’s when it happened as far as I can tell. For those of you remembering Jiffy, did you not have the Jiffy brand corn muffins in your timeline?

Also, multiple restaurants across the country serve what's known as the 'Jiffy Burger', a peanut butter based hamburger. "Jiffy" peanut butter is one of them. But, yes, going back to TV commercials in 1962 (ref: ), it looks like it’s always been Mrs. Butterworth’s… in this timestream, anyway.


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