In a recent video justifying his positions, Martin stands in front of the washed-out colors of the rainbow flag, blurring his allegiance to that flag while simultaneously making clear those are in fact his true colors. Interestingly, these two landmark decisions which have most damaged society were based not on the Constitution, but on a miasma engulfing the Constitution in the minds of a few men. “A Catholic in good conscience could never say that she will vote for Joe Biden because the Democrat is pro-choice, and by the same token, a Catholic in good conscience could never say that he will vote for Donald Trump because the Republican is for capital punishment,” asserted Barron. "This is the political party who has removed God from their platform, celebrates homosexuality and promiscuity, and claps and cheers for abortion. “Barron, standing atop his media empire, brandishing a new Barronized Bible, has made the mistake of thinking he’s invincible.”, “This step clinches that he is in the charmed circle of [James] Martin, [Blase] Cupich, [Wilton] Gregory, [Theodore] McCarrick, et alia.”, “I am angry. But the fact that people may be familiar with the teaching does not mean that they are leading chaste lives. between commenters. Thanks to @BishopBarron, @CardinalBCupich @marykarrlit, Kathleen Norris and others for their support. Martin draws countless Catholics away from God’s light and truth and into the demonic shadowlands of confusion and error. 325K likes. ", The Democratic Party's platform contains the following statement: "We will support sexual and reproductive health and rights around the globe. However, he's framed his approach as "building a bridge" through which "the Catholic Church and the LGBT community can enter into a relationship of respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Richard Heilman, popular author and speaker. James Martin, Swiss health economist proposes denying healthcare to ‘corona rebels’, Ralph Martin, renowned author, explains steps needed to fix ‘terrible’…, Ralph Martin, renowned author, explains steps needed to fix ‘terrible’ situation in the Church, Belgian police will ‘ring the bell’ and check houses at Christmas…, Belgian police will ‘ring the bell’ and check houses at Christmas to prevent gatherings, Pope Francis lashes out at lockdown protestors: they’d never protest…, Pope Francis lashes out at lockdown protestors: they’d never protest children lacking water. Under his leadership with former President Obama, the government forced a group of nuns to effectively provide contraception -- the use of which the Catholic Catechism claims is a grave sin. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. TRUMP CALLS BIDEN 'TROJAN HORSE FOR SOCIALISM' IN FIERY SPEECH AHEAD OF DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION, Biden further complicated his appeal to Catholics when he teamed up with Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., his running mate whom The Catholic Association senior fellow Maureen Ferguson accused of "anti-Catholic bigotry.". Comments under LifeSiteNews stories do not necessarily represent the views of LifeSiteNews. That’s OK, we have no reputation, social standing, or rank within the Church to protect, but being men, we do seek to protect Christ’s flock from wolves, from sexual revolutionaries and marauders. ", CONSERVATIVE CATHOLICS CALL ON BIDEN TO BREAK 'DEAFENING SILENCE' ON ANTI-CATHOLIC VANDALISM, ARSON, Fr. He claims that nothing he preaches is opposed to Church teaching, and his fellow academics back him up because he has threaded the needle with such precision that they feel his messaging cannot be outright condemned. You can pre-order the book here The issue is especially pertinent given the presumptive Democratic nominee's Catholic faith and the controversy that has surrounded that in recent months. james martin. Market data provided by Factset. Watch our videos here. "I hope that Fr. He takes irrefutable principles and precepts found in the heart of the Gospel, and states as fact conclusions drawn from his own shadowy interpretations of God’s Word. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. See the signs and run far away,” urged Catholic author and marriage activist Leila Miller. "I don't think that it's business as usual right now," Pavone said, noting that he didn't generally think clergy's services should be exclusive to either party.


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