Next up in my experiments in Brick, I decided to try to make Baked Meat Samosas. On-line thru Amazon……the package came DRY and unusable. Thanks, Chef!! Thanks for stopping by. Hi – I have just made a version of the Greek feta and spinach pie called Spanakopita using Brick – still in the oven but looks as if it’s going to be a winner. But I got to thinking that the prawns were a little lost in the filling and the sweet chilli sauce was a little over powering even if it was yummy. Using a pastry brush, gently spread the batter in a very thin layer over your pan… Brick sounds pretty hard to make by hand…indeed thank goodness for the readymade stuff! So, after re-creating some classics with the Brick pastry, I decided to try and use it in a main course dish. I have found you can be fairly rough with it and it stands up to the job. I am glad I could help! Since Feuilles De Brick have a very slight salty edge to them I ensure that whatever I pair them with will perfectly harmonize. Out came delicious little crunchy strudels which were divine with some Crème Anglais. Chicken and mushroom brik rolls. In this featured dessert I fill the Feuilles De Brick with caramelized apples along with a passion fruit beurre blanc. You can’t argue with that! In the center of the sheet sprinkle with almond flour or bread crumbs. Use a brush to spread the liquid dough on the surface of your pan and let the pastry bake for 30 secs or a little more. In the center of the sheet sprinkle with almond flour or bread crumbs. This is absolutely stunning, and it tastes wonderful with the vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce that we made. But a little brush of oil and 20 minutes later, they were golden and crispy and made a delicious starter served with some mango chutney. I now live in the SF Bay Area, where all sorts of ingredients are readily available, but I gave up asking for brick, even at the most exotic groceries. (sadly not available to us at the moment – too carby ;-( ), Thanks Sarah! These little nibbles are great value for money as a little goes a long way and you can feed a crowd happily with one duck leg. Again, traditionally deep fried, I was able to bake mine and achieve very good results. I mixed up some finely chopped apple with dates, sugar and cinnamon and wrapped it in the pastry, brushed with butter and baked for 20 … I am a total Brick convert now and never use Filo anymore! Pour the batter through a strainer into a bowl, cover, and leave to rest for 1 hour at room temperature or longer in the fridge. Should you be interested, it would be a pleasure to hear from you. So beautiful and so delicious looking! But left to bake for 20 minutes, the Brick pastry worked its magic and out came lovely looking envelopes of scrummy stuff! I love caramelized apples and this looks to be a really unique way to serve them! The pastry is thicker and more robust than Filo and does not require endless washings of butter to make it malleable. But I am not a fan of deep frying, I hate overly greasy food and I never know what to do with the left over oil. I’ve had a packet of brik in the fridge for several weeks but didn’t know what to do with it. Where I live, I tried vainly to find brick pastry sheets. I quite clumsily wrapped up the parcels and placed them on my baking tray and once again thought they may not hold together and could end in disaster. Warm served apple desserts love the company of a creamy sauce or ice cream and that’s why I serve these apple purses with a passion fruit beurre blanc. I used a filling of minced beef with chickpeas and peas, lightly spiced with cumin and chilli powder. Paint in circles starting from the outside. So I decided to try to make them by myself at home. If desired prepare the caramelized apples a day in advance and keep refrigerated. Can anyone tell me where i can get fresh briques? I know for a fact they’re delicious because you’ve made them for me : ) Thanks for the inspiration Anneli! Eddy. The recipe is easy to make. Brush a Feuille De Brick lightly with melted butter. Total winners! They are available at, but shipping is as much as the dough, and a total of $37 to fulfill my curiousity is a bit much. In Tunisia it is usually deep fried wrapped around a filling of meat, tuna or egg. Looking forward to cooking it up. Voilà, my Baked Duck Spring Rolls served with Hoisin and Yakitori dipping sauces were born. Then you dab the ball all over a cast iron griddle that’s kept at a very low even heat over boiling water. The assembly of the apple dessert in Feuilles De Brick can be done in the morning and kept refrigerated until baked. Heat a large pan of water to boiling and place a large flat non-stick pan on the top. Feta and spinach brik pie. I immediately stole the recipe (as she always does to me!) Sprinkle sparingly with granulated sugar. Mix in the mixer to have a smooth texture. They were a huge success and I was completely sold on Brick as I had found it to be so simple to use, making the perfect finger food. The pastry is known as warqa. Thanks Chef! Baked in the oven, brushed with Sesame oil, you would be hard pressed to know that they were not deep fried as they achieve the same level of crispness as a conventional spring roll. I love that pastry and the specialities that are made with it! I mixed up some finely chopped apple with dates, sugar and cinnamon and wrapped it in the pastry, brushed with butter and baked for 20 minutes. Beat well or use a food processor. From a fellow resident of New England (Cambridge, to be more specific). Continue to add water 1 tbsp at a time until the batter flows easily. Mix the dry ingredients together and add oil. Spinach and cashew brik rolls. and I proceeded to make a platter for a canapé party for one of my clients. Great sauce for this dessert or any ice cream. If you cannot find it in a better stocked grocery store I would simply get it over the internet. So I made Chicken with Creamy Onions, Mushrooms & Goats Cheese wrapped in Brick Pastry. It is extremely versatile and I think it is inspirational stuff! Dear Chef Eddy : You build up a covering all over the griddle and then when it’s cooked, you peel it off and put it on a piece of greaseproof and start dabbing again. I loved the passion fruit sauce, it had just the right tangy and sweet combo. I say “pre-assembled”, because, of course, I wasnt allowed to actually cook them. I have never heard of this and wish that I could be in your kitchen to see it up close and to try it. When it is ready, it is easy to remove it. It seems that, for Tunisians, bricks during Ramadan dinner is sacred. Y o u want just enough oil for deep frying but so that the top of the pastry is not submerged… to keep the egg yolk from over cooking. So much fun to make! It is very easy to find there. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the recipes Anneli. At times when I need plated desserts with impact but are also very quick to make I reach for Feuilles De Brick. When needed reheat but do not exceed the above temperatures. Brush a Feuille De Brick lightly with melted butter. Is Brick available in your supermarkets? You can buy feuille de brick at Waitrose Supermarkets. Do it Jules!! Happy cooking! Thanks Rosa. Finally, I used my last two sheets of Brick to make the quickest, easiest Apple & Date Strudel ever! Emmanuelle. Oh wondrous Brick, I do love you! Simran, Can i use fillo instead of feuilles de brick or will it end up tasting like baklava? Cover with caramelized apples. As soon as the pastry is lowered into the hot oil, press the edges with a spatula to keep them sealed Continue reading... STRAWBERRIES AND MASCARPONE CREAM GLASSES. My Mum introduced to me to Brick only last year when she had a go at making her own spring rolls with it. I too have had a hard time finding these Feuille de briques. But left to bake for 20 minutes, the Brick pastry worked its magic and out came lovely looking envelopes of scrummy stuff! Serve immediately with passion fruit beurre blanc and perhaps blackberry compote. The passion fruit beurre blanc can also be made in advance and gently reheated over a Bain Marie or microwave.


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