Ketone Keto Urine 150 Test Strips. What a great way to add some zing and to "pimp" recipes - love it! I made these today; they’re about as close as you can get to normal waffles. This will be my go-to weekend recipe - thank you!! I made half quantities to try them out and used 3 eggs - totally forgot the baking powder but with the extra egg didn't need it! thank you. U can substitute any kind of "milk" u have in home. I am so glad this recipe has become part of your weekend ritual, low-carb and keto living is so luxurious and tasty huh? Thanks for your hard work and sharing your recipe. Just rude! This recipe doesn’t live up to the hype. We will be staying in hostels, so don't know if they have a fridge. I have three waffle makers and counting and coming up with new keto waffle recipes is one of my favorite things to do. Very tasty! Not all waffle irons are alike. Plus, I'll freeze them and reheat in the toaster, so they'll crisp up a bit at that point. Do thee waffles need to be sweetened? Not sure if I did something wrong or its my waffle iron or what, but are these supposed to come out really floppy? If you don't want to use coconut flour, psyllium husks may work? We actually made sausage and cheese sandwiches with this recipe and it was excellent. I actually had to buy a new waffle iron too, as I had gotten rid of mine years ago. I expected a lot more from this recipe with all the reviews. Get it as soon as Mon, Aug 24. You can use Almond flour. TYVM for this great recipe! Can this be made with just egg whites? Up until now they have all been crap. Would it be the same amount? Very snotty, gooey consistency. I love them. A very healthy winner for the boy who eats like a sparrow This seems to be coming from using Swerve since 4TBS has 36 grams of carbs. I thought that I was the only one who knew about and used Just Like Sugar! Thank you, thank you, thank you , Wow Donna I am overjoyed you loved my waffles enough to come and write a review. I am making them right now. I made these and they turned out great. Which stevia are you using? Thanks for the recipe!! Here's to the best darn keto waffles in town! If it doesn't work, try some coconut milk (if you can tolerate that). I got four large waffles out of this recipe. I thought, 'what about low carb waffles' ; the recipes that I came across were a stretch as the word waffle goes & then I was led to your site. My middle child says these are the best waffles ever and #3's face with the first bite was better than any words, which is great since he is my carb addict! All the amounts I use are spoon for spoon instead of sugar. I was born on Halloween so maybe that is your answer Also as a pharmacist, I love making 'formulas' so just wait to see what other food magic I come up with. Try searching for "Swerve net carbs " in mfp. I used erythritol with monk fruit for the granulated sweetener. Love it. Light and fluffy. Every darn time I see a new low carb/keto waffle recipe on Pinterest, I get all excited, dust off the waffle iron, throw some bacon in the oven, and about a half hour later the air is blue with expletives as I curse the liar who swore their recipe was just like the "real" waffles of my past. Happy happy Add the melted butter slowly, mixing to ensure it is a smooth consistency. When eaten piping hot without toppings they have a very slight eggy taste but just let them cool down a few minutes and it's gone. I make ghee easily using Alton Brown method, (google it) and my lactose intolerant son can eat anything I make with it. You are a Keto Goddess and I bow to you. It's not any cheaper than the others but the nutrition factor can't be beat. Is the granulated sweetener necessary to bulk up the recipe or can it be left out? Oh the joy in mamas heart, one battle down, probably a million to go! Maybe I did something wrong?!? These are amazing and I love them. They are Paleo and just-add-water but the ingredients result in a slightly different texture. These were tasty, I spread a little ghee on top and monk fruit maple syrup. Anyway, it worked a treat and provided enough of that maple syrup flavour that they were happy to eat them just like that. The classic pizza chaffle recipe has been done a few times and a few different ways and there are loads of sweet chaffle recipes to satisfy a sweet tooth. Ketone Keto Urine Test Strips Travel Pack. I will only make them again with modification to maken them taste less like eggs. You can also buy ghee from the supermarket. Well it's pancake day today in the UK! They are certainly not crispy as waffles are usually crispy from the sugar. So if a recipe states 4 tablespoons, take a look at your brand, and see how much is the equivalent of 4 tablespoons of sugar. I'm thinking you need more coconut flour perhaps depending on the size of eggs you used. I just made these and I used 2T of Heavy whipping cream and 1T water instead of whole milk. THANKYOU! I was worried when I saw all the butter. Thank you so much! They were a hit in my household! Coconut cream may work, it would make it more flavoured of coconut however rather than vanilla. Stewed frozen raspberries with splash lemon juice and vanilla, ricotta, cream and a teaspoon of sugar free cherry jam.


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