Students explore force. Lesson Planet.

Spread out the four mats in the shape of a diamond baseball on the gym floor. It's called floorball. Gates is a great activity for floor hockey stick handling skills, especially dribbling skills. My Objective of this Floor Hockey unit is not to encourage the most goals scored out of the students but for them to learn to work together as a team and practice using equipment instead of relying on their own self as their tool.

My hopes are that by introducing this sport to the students I will open their minds and allow them to accept new things or different things into their lives with more ease. Educators earn digital badges that certify knowledge, skill, and experience.

Discussion of hockey safety. The ball does not stop before the stick hits it. Goalie box - Clearly marked area that is off limits for all players except the goalie. This is a very interactive plan. Do you have an attachment of the stick and rules test you give in lesson 6?

Students will first listen and watch a demonstration of how to handle a puck, and then they will do some activities involving puck control, then we as a class will discuss the techniques that we practiced. Suggested Grade Level: 6-8. The worksheet gives several examples of when and how to use commas. Students practice stopping and guiding a ball with a hockey stick, as an introduction to floor hockey. Anytime! Sweeping –is a type of hit used for long passes.

When signaled, runners run continuously to the... Students experience various Winter Olympic sports in Physical Education class.

Split that class into two equal groups. This lesson plan is divided up into ten units. This lesson has the players practice shooting on goal from different distances. Pass - Moving the ball to another player on your team. Students demonstrate how to throw balls. Please update the form below to suggest a new category.

They observe how to properly hold the hockey stick. Here is a nice set of hockey drills focused specifically on developing and enforcing a defensive strategy. Floor Hockey Lesson Plan for 6th - …

Students practice key aspects of floor hockey: passing, playing cooperatively, moving the ball or puck with both sides of the stick and shooting.

Tags:assessment, Coaching, dribbling, Floor Hockey, hockey, offside, passing, Physical Education, receiving the ball, safety, Wrist Shot.

Units six through ten expand on the basic skills taught in the first five units and can be added on as needed.

They participate in physical education activities included in the Presidential Physical Fitness Test and write about their country. Working in teams, they participate in Unified Floor Hockey as a part of the Special Olympics sports program. They practice drills and play a game without a goalie. Students practice chasing and fleeing skills by playing the game Ghost in the Graveyard.

Students will also be given a written final for the end of the floor hockey unit.

Hello, great lessons!

Pushing - is used instead of hitting, by keeping the blade of your stick against the ball. Students practice shooting balls with a hockey stick. Begin the game by setting up the two opposite corners of the gym as hospitals, while assigning two taggers. The class practices bounce passes and chest passes to improve their basketball skills. In this Winter Olympics lesson, students participate in stations which represent the Olympic games.

Control will be a very important element in this unit and with perhaps be able to help the students learn control in many aspects of theirs lives out side of Physical Education as well. Teacher demonstrate proper grip after going over description of hockey stick. This Floor Hockey Lesson Plan is suitable for 6th - 8th Grade.

This unit plan contains six lessons plus three accompanying assessment sheets. In this force and acceleration lesson, students investigate and construct a graph to explain that when a constant force is applied to a mass a constant acceleration will occur. Demonstrate stick handling (explain why ball handling is important. When Army is shouted out, players run to one side of the gym.

When they hear Navy, players run to the other side of the gym.

The stations help develop the following skills: rolling a ball, throwing overhand and underhand, eye-hand coordination, and muscle strength.

It can be altered to suit varying class sizes and exercise spaces too.

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Proper Techniques of Striking an Object With Control. They use white rolled up socks as snowballs to throw at a variety of targets that are on the floor or on the wall . It looks like so much fun! 1.

Students will increase their knowledge and skill of passing and receiving a floor hockey puck. All levels of sports participants can play in a team sport. Students experience the loss of their sight and develop feelings for those less fortunate than them.

Learn the rules, learn about the equipment, and then learn how to play the game. For this hockey lesson, students are divided into small groups and practice passing a puck in different directions. Introduce five activities for practicing floor hockey skills. A comprehensive online edtech PD solution for schools and districts. Save time lesson planning by exploring our library of educator reviews to over 550,000 open educational resources (OER). Please note: This floor hockey unit plan has been kindly contributed by Michael Cummings. Great unit.

Assessment: Dribbling and Shooting Tests.

Teaching Strategy: Direct Instruction. Fifth graders explore how to execute a proper and successful hockey shot into or at a target. They will dribble through a set of cones to acquire a timed score.

Students will increase their knowledge regarding parts of the hockey stick.

Students will also practice shooting at a target to practice for the floor hockey end of unit test. Assessment: Passing Test and Written Final. Using the Say Something method the students will increase their skill of the wrist shot. **This unit plan was designed with no limitation on space, equipment, or children with a disability. These lessons are a good start. Awesome.

The object of the game is to stay on the line and not get tagged. An all-in-one learning object repository and curriculum management platform that combines Lesson Planet’s library of educator-reviews to open educational resources with district materials and district-licensed publisher content.

In this physical education activity, students throw a ball into a barrel. Here is a personal survival lesson plan that can be used in extra curricular clubs…, A Tennis Booklet which contains a numbers of different conditioned games, designed to develop the…, {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}, Floor Hockey Unit Plan (6 Lessons + Assessment), “Floor Hockey Unit Plan (6 Lessons + Assessment)”. Floor Hockey Skill & Activity Circuit For Teachers 4th - 10th.

First, place 10 to 15 sets of cones scattered throughout the gymnasium creating hockey goals.

They practice shooting into or at a... Fifth graders explore the sport of curling. Students will take the dribble and shooting assessments. Prerequisites: Prior practice in proper handling of a floor hockey stick and proper hockey shooting form. After this lesson, students will be able to: 1. explain the basic elements of floor hockey 2. compare and contrast field and floor hockey 3. discuss and display the fundamental skills necessary to play floor hockey In this prepositions of place and time worksheet, students must first decide if the sentence needs a preposition, and if it does, they add the best preposition. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Taken together, all ten units are a …

Teaching Strategy: Quick Writes.

Lesson Focus: Students will grip the hockey stick and work on dribbling and passing using a yarnball.

Power Play- is when the play becomes 5 players against 4 players because a player is in the penalty box. They play a simulated game of curling using taped-off targets on the gym floor, packing foam "ice", hockey sticks, and brooms.

It can be altered to suit varying class sizes and exercise spaces too. They recognize the different winter Olympic game stations through individual trials. Now that the class has been taught how to perform these skills, set them up to practice. Showing 1 - 37 of 37 resources. Floor Hockey Shooting Skill Stations., The document includes the "Three Rules of Defense," a suggested warm-up and cool-down, and a few videos and professional sources... Pupils play a game that's much like ice hockey, but with no ice. Students then select from the options the correct way to finish the sentences. Penalty –is a punishment for inappropriate behavior or a violation. Have your class research a country related to the Olympics.

The taggers and freers must also stay on the lines. Various hockey resources.


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