The album also plays into metatextual ideas about the death of the artist. Kirby re-works these dusty samples to crackle and fade and loop indiscriminately, occasionally repeating themselves or abruptly changing course.

Leyland James Kirby: Viewing figures on YouTube have been increasing exponentially since the beginning of the year. Released in 6 parts, the series centers around pieces of ballroom jazz music that over time becomes corrupted, and destroyed, simulating the memories of one afflicted with dementia.

The Caretaker's crushing six-and-a-half-hour epic exploring dementia, 'Everywhere At The End Of Time', has been turned into a TikTok challenge. What do you make of that?

by By the halfway point, upon which we've reached the "post-awareness" stages, the wistful melodies that drifted through the first three sections have been buried in barely penetrable noise, and with last year's release of the final installment, The Caretaker was put to rest for good. For more than a decade, and until his death in 2017, Fisher wrote searchingly about Joy Division, Stanley Kubrick, late-stage capitalism, Burial, depression, Drake.

#everywhereattheendoftime, Mentally unstable check If treated respectfully — which is how the album is indeed being largely treated on TikTok — Everywhere is a gateway listen, not only to a whole world of ambient, but also to a way of thinking more deeply about the way the human mind works. Over the last few weeks, TikTok users have turned the experience of listening to Everywhere into a kind of challenge, with some encouraging friends to see how much of the album that they can get through before giving up. everywhere at the end of time is a popular song by sam j | Create your own TikTok videos with the everywhere at the end of time song and explore 899 videos made by new and popular creators. #everywhereattheendoftime #thecaretaker #fyp, Six-and-a-half-hour album - an unexpected hit on TikTok, "Masterful delivery and detailed lyricism" on Roc Marciano's 'Mt. The Quietus talked to its author. foryou Everywhere At The End Of Time, The Caretaker's crushing six-and-a-half-hour album exploring dementia, has become an unlikely viral hit on Gen Z video-sharing platform TikTok. "My final idea has been to give the whole project dementia," Kirby explained. But it's his music as The Caretaker that's resonated most. fyp, literally the definition of pain. If you love what we do, you can help tQ to continue bringing you the best in cultural criticism and new music by joining one of our subscription tiers. Everywhere At The End of Time is a series of albums that explore the concept of dementia and how it destroys the mind. Certainly it’s true that Everywhere at the End of Time is a confronting listen, the kind of art that should only be tackled when you’re in the right headspace. Tracks are titled things like "The sublime is disappointingly elusive," or "I feel as if I might be vanishing." To enlist hoards of Gen Z'ers to hunker down with six hours of weird ambient music, motives aside, seems like a clear-cut win — the kind of world-expanding encounter with challenging art that feels increasingly hard to stumble upon at random, as what's left of the underground grows ever more precarious.

As you count down the end of the decade, here are some fantastic fireworks posted to TikTok to help you ring in the new year. We believe, strongly, that who we are matters. Joseph Earp is a staff writer at Junkee. Bytedance bought for nearly $900 million at the end of 2017.

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