[105][106], Rip Hunter travels back in time to the present day where he brings together a team of heroes and villains in an attempt to prevent Vandal Savage from destroying the world and time itself. "[9] In August 2015, Tassler revealed that while there were no plans at the time to do story crossovers, the three series would have crossover promotions. It is a separate situation. Barack Obama Jokes That Navy SEALS May Have to Drag Trump Out of the White House, Who Killed Elena in 'The Undoing'? [33] The series had previously been in development at Fox, at which point Berlanti had stated Black Lightning would not crossover with his other DC Comics television properties on The CW, nor would it exist in the Arrowverse. The event includes characters from various DC films and television series. [366] The first of these novels, The Flash: Hocus Pocus, was released on October 3, 2017. 1,774, This story has been shared 758 times. Set in a shared fictional multiverse much like the DC Universe and DC Multiverse in comic books, it was established by crossing over common plot elements, settings, cast and characters that span six live-action television series and two animated series. The crossover event was no longer a fun way to contrast the two shows; it now had to serve the much larger purpose of setting up an entirely new world." The number in parentheses next to the episode title indicates which part of the crossover it is, if not clear otherwise. [18] The Flash executive producer Aaron Helbing noted in April 2016 that "sometimes the schedules don't line up exactly...and that stuff is out of our control", such as when Barry was shown using his abilities on Arrow, while not having them the same week on The Flash. [117] On filming the episode, Guggenheim referred to it as "a Constantine/Arrow crossover" and felt that "we got the chance to extend Matt Ryan's run as Constantine by at least one more hour of television. Young Justice. [382][383][384], Audio studio Serial Box is currently developing an audio series based on the Arrowverse, titled The Flash: Rogues. Ryan previously appeared as the character in the NBC series. Exclusively on DC Universe. Supergirl already has that problem built-in with Superman, who it seems will not be a regular fixture on the show, and I'm sure there will be many excuses as to why he's too busy to help Supergirl fight her latest battle. Additionally, the annual Arrow/The Flash crossover suffered from also trying to set up Legends, which was "too much to ask from the already crowded storylines and ended up feeling like an exercise in synchronicity, with producers planting more seeds than they could reap. The only Arrowverse series that is available on HBO Max is Batwoman as the new WarnerMedia digital platform had acquired the streaming licenses for it ahead of its premiere.

Harley Quinn. Doom Patrol (2019): Before this show aired, the characters from the Doom Patrol comics were practically unknown to normal audiences. The Flash. What DC TV show are you most excited for? However, Beware the Batman is available on HBO Max, making it one of the few past animated shows to join the new streaming platform.

[53] At the end of "Crisis on Infinite Earths", the new Earth-Prime was formed, which saw Black Lightning's earth merge with the former Earth-1 and Earth-38, creating a fictional universe where all of The CW series exist together. Barry then starts experiencing glitches in his powers, moments that leave him immobile and ghostly during missions. 4. [381], On November 14, 2017, a three-episode series of shorts, known as "Stretched Scenes", premiered. DC Universe has also produced a few animated shows too, one being a completely original series and the other one being a resurrection of a canceled Cartoon Network series. [364] A fifth novel, following The Flash villain Weather Wizard in his attempts at revenge, was released in May 2018. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Man of Steel (2013) PG-13 | 143 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi.


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