Fayetteville, AR. I think I’ll stick to my sunny, beachy, (ridiculously expensive but worth it) California living. Also, in my experience being in a mid sized city that is defined by a large university is fun only if you are between the ages of 18 and 22 and are attending that university. The provider’s terms, conditions and policies apply. © 2020 TheStreet, Inc. All rights reserved. The architecture of that building is much more representative of UNC than it is of Duke! The saying here is “Welcome to Austin!” Young artists tend to thrive in Asheville because of its art scene. Austin is similar to most hipster communities in that they love supporting small businesses, a strong cup of joe, juicing, thrifting, and the smell of old books. Living in Richardson has been a thrill for the past several months. The sunglasses are a… fluke. Commutes are crazy if you haven’t learned to find your window. In fact, Columbus is such a fantastic place to be young, broke and single that despite graduating from college just a few years ago, I’m not broke or single anymore. For your information it IS plenty rainy in my hometown. We love visitors and enjoy your company!! These 20 cities rank as your best prospects for building your new life: Number of entry-level jobs per 10,000 residents: 18. People who are just coming and going and people who have built homes and families find exactly what they need out of Portland. The average commute listed here is hysterical to me. Good luck. Seriously a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom can be anywhere from $900-$1000 and since living in Brooklyn where my rent is almost three times that price, I would say that’s a great deal. Lafayette is a great city though, so if your looking for a job in the oil industry and New Orleans is too far from work, check out our Cajun gem to the west. So allow me to be blunt… you’re not welcome here. I like your city but you’re not the be-all/end-all. Other than that I’d pretty much call these a list of the most mediocre cities in America to be pretty bored in. Milwaukee… just 97 sq miles. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, CDC, and other sources. 10 overall is Tulsa, Oklahoma. That’s not to say it isn’t cool, because it is. Employees of this medical staffing firm compete in talent shows, trivia contests, and activities like a Dress As Your Favorite President competition, Fortune reports. Austin and even moreso Seattle are hella expensive, the traffic in both suck. I visited KC in 2001. It’s expensive to live here, but you can find roommates, everyone is an artist so there’s always something to do for free. It’s a wonderful place to live, whether you’re single, have a family, are retired, whatever. Our parks in Coppell are very well maintained with several miles of great walking/biking paths. Guaranteed. 47 and No. Nightlife is zippo in Jefferson Parish where these two suburbs are located. Just giving random people on the internet advice. With the recent development of Midtown & the Washington Ave. corridor, we now have hot spots for young professionals to live & play. And to the person above^ I have lived in Oklahoma my entire life and it is not the worst weather ever. We’re not Austin or NOLA but we have a good time here, too. Also, since when is Seattle known for “low rents”?? Agreed. Your allergies will become year round. Jobbing it: Research Triangle Park is home to research and development-related organizations such as IBM, Cisco Systems, Inc., the Research Triangle Institute, and Glaxo Wellcome. So glad I found such a vibrant city to call home! Texas has ZERO social assistance programs, thanks to the banal malevolence of Rick Perry, and the young and broke are leaving in droves, because they’re being strangled by high rent and low pay. How To De-stress According To Your Zodiac Sign, 10 Things To Know Before You Travel To Italy, 10 Tips For Taking An Affordable Vacation To A High-Demand Destination, 7 Small New England Towns That Are Picture Perfect In The Fall, 10 Best Getaway Trips You Can Do In Your Town With Your BF. Workforce diversity, recreation ranking, and median income growth rate all contribute to the city's ranking. 61 for quality of life. You really undervalued Columbus by a mile. Tons of young single professionals with free events every weekend. Yeah, everyone’s trying to go there so maybe not the best for the broke. Additional research by Deidre Fogg and Maria LaMagna. You only need to look an hour north in Baltimore to have great living spaces, food, and a burgeoning arts scene all for very affordable prices. Also ridiculously hot. And we welcome people, move here! Also, Seattle and San Diego cheap? Please realize that you’re just now catching up to the rest of the country so don’t get offended when we “outsiders” don’t fall over in amazement. That’s what’s so great about it. With the second best median income growth rate and the seventh best annual job growth rate, Corpus Christi, Texas, comes in at No. Apple Valley could be an affordable and beautiful place to live if you have kids and $300,000 to spend on a house. The Cubs look poised to go another century without a World Series appearance. Rent prices are a shock (lol 3x what I pay here – I’m doing my research! Lots of live music, sports, bars etc. Honestly. Lived in Denver and Phoenix as a young professional and both were amazing and have everything in the world to offer. Skiing ($200 season pass at Wolf Mtn), Sundance Film Festival (film tix are actually cheap and easy to get), sledding (free! For precisely the reason you think your rent is through the roof is what makes it attractive to people from around the country. Happiness begins at home. At least here you don’t have to pay $20 to park to go out. The city also has the most affordable housing. Check out 7 more reasons why you should live in Austin during your 20’s here. Police department is exceptionally great in Richardson. The job market is good, I’ll give you take, but do you really want to live in a place that is completed dominated by sports and driving everywhere? Should have put Greenville, SC in its spot instead! The city is also way over crowded, so as fun as this city is, it’s not the most affordable. Read more on how this ranking was calculated. Our downtown is vibrant with many fantastic restaurants and bars, and Baton Rouge’s is almost dead after 5pm. Lot of cool people, lot’s of great bars and any type of food you could want exist here. Baton Rouge scores high on our list thanks to the strong community vibe perpetuated by students at Louisiana State University. The items on this list will always be open to debate, and that’s healthy and good–keep refuting (or supporting) the assertions made in my piece. I was simply saying the weather isn’t terrible, it is just unpredictable. I also definitely recommend checking out Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm for great social media pictures and to have a great time with your friends and family while shopping and eating out. I am glad to see it on the list, though disappointed to see the photo you included is of Chapel Hill and not Durham. For those who enjoy a good drink, you’re covered. Really popular for people just out of college and lots of free things to do. Its easy as Texans are naturally friendly and helpful.


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