Click on the pins for useful information about each lake, including stocking history, depth and surface area. But you can rest easy knowing your dollars will be put to good use, as 100% of fees accumulated from these licences go towards stocking, conservation, research and educational programming. Treat your fish humanely by giving it a sharp blow on the head immediately, clean it promptly, and store it on ice to prevent spoilage. The Bulls are particularly feisty and “fight like Steelhead” according to one local fisherman who spends summers on his cabin at the lake. Directions: In the town of Savona, take either road down into town to the Savona Public Beach (next to the Savona Hotel). Buzzacott book of 1908. Quesnel Lake is also known for its four seasons of trolling, casting, and fly fishing, but locals recommend visiting in May; this is when there are fewer anglers, and the fish are hungry. The Rainbows grow into monsters at this lake (up to 18 lbs), due to an abundance of freshwater shrimp and ideal lake conditions. Lakes are usually caught on a deep troll line using a large spoon and are catch-and-release only. Along the way, keep an eye out for these lakes that are easily accessible from the highway: If you need to get out to stretch your legs or feel like exploring, look for these well-known hiking and recreation areas: Bridge Lake: Bridge Lake is one of Highway 24’s most popular fishing lakes. people who may be living in British Columbia, or planning a trip to "GOING CAMPING" "... Wake up man, go to the woods and forest as did your forefathers before ye, where the pure air laden with the health-giving properties of the woods can brace you, where the air and water is pure, where the sweet grass and wild flowers or leaves fill the very atmosphere with that which your system and sight most craves ....", Not so modern wall tent - complete with central wood "heating", The canoe is still one of the best all-round water crafts for fishing - seaworthy, light, and very enjoyable (and you just cannot beat the "feel" of paddling a wood & canvas one). Offers one limited space camping site. The map data is directly provided by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, who stock all BC lakes.

Fly fish or spin cast for Rainbows. Best Lakes in Mission, BC - Buntzen Lake, Mill Lake, Sasamat Lake, Pitt Lake, Rice Lake, Pinecone Burke Provincial Park, Bloedel Donovan Park, Lost Lagoon, Harrison lake, Toad Lake that the non-profit works to stock. We have tried to There are thousands of rainbow trout fly fishing lakes and rivers in British Columbia.

Never harvest more fish than you need, and to comply with the law, you must leave the head, tail and all fins on your catch until you return home or to your campsite. Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism uses "cookies" to enhance the usability of its websites and provide you with a more personal experience. Camping & RV in BC has a google map that plots all the stocked freshwater fishing lakes in BC. Join today and download fishing maps now! Please don’t enter any personal information. Follow it for 29.5 km until you see the lake on the right-hand side. lakes every year, and providing a ton of practical tips, resources and programs, including a beginners guide for freshwater angling. If you plan to keep your catch, make sure you are prepared with an ice-filled cooler to keep your fish in. Then, continue your way on BC-97S toward Clinton. British Columbia fishing location guide for river, lake and saltwater fishing. In a word, epic. After you’ve seen the lookout, follow the trail that parallels the train tracks north. Saltwater anglers who yearn for the open sea or a sheltered cove along the coast, are spoiled for choice along the Pacific coastline that stretches from Victoria, BC all the way up to Alaska.

swimming and mountain biking are just a few other activities that can be has declared a state of emergency.

Lined by giant Ponderosa Pines, it follows the edge of the canyon quite a ways and the views are worth the hike. All Rights Reserved. Offers small, rustic campsites. ... and very good fuel milage! We will attempt to list some of these many lakes. Both offer cabins as well as RV sites and hookups and tent sites. Some of the topics we will discuss and show you; These fly pictures are from F.H. A handy guide that gives you all the information you need on licences; species and allowances; packing and transporting; safety and much more can be viewed in the . Long Island (aka Janice): Fly fish or spin cast for Rainbows. done while out on that day or weekend "fishing trip". Sign in or register for your free account, Here’s how you can give back to our local communities in B.C. Hello, I am your COVID-19 digital assistant. This map provides information on the 800+ lakes stocked for recreational fishing. Fishing in a national park requires a Parks Canada Fishing licence. Some two hundred of these lakes are located within a one hour drive of Kamloops. Wildlife photography, birdwatching, walking/hiking, camping out, With warm weather on the rise and Family Fishing Weekend just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to recapture your love of fishing — or introduce your love to the next generation. We will attempt to list some of these many lakes. The map also plots campgrounds making it easy to plan your camping and fishing trip. Before heading out to Sheridan Lake or Fawn Lake to get your fish on, stop by the Interlakes Market on the highway to stock up on supplies! Photo: Province of British Columbia. We are going to tell you about some of them. Before hitting the water this season, be sure to read over the regional freshwater fishing regulations and make sure that anyone in your party who’s 16 or older has a current freshwater fishing licence. Columbia. Fish for Kokanee in June before they head deep to cool off for the summer months. The lake is also stocked with Kokanee and Rainbows each spring, but also contains Lake (which can get up to 20 lbs) and Burbot, as well as a few different species of coarse fish. in general to have a more enjoyable and safe outing. This includes raising and releasing over eight million trout, char and kokanee salmon into B.C. It’s not the quietest spot on the list, but what it lacks in privacy it makes up for in character. While heavily used by recreational users, it’s still an opportunity to escape the bustle of the city. We strive to maintain accurate and reliable information. By Jo Johnson. Some lakeside private campgrounds loan rods and tackle, or you can borrow equipment for free at locations throughout the province thanks to the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC’s  Rod Loan Program. Questions about the collection of information can be directed to the Manager of Corporate Web, Government Digital Experience Division.

We use cookies to optimize website performance and for advertising purposes. We encourage the whole family type of outing. Directions: Resuming your journey down BC-97S, turn right onto Big Bar Road. Employment, business and economic development, Birth, adoption, death, marriage and divorce, Birth, adoption, death and marriage reports, Environmental protection and sustainability, Emergency Preparedness, Response & Recovery. Move curser over markers to get the name of a fishing spot and click on the marker for fishing spot information. This web site is intended to help British Columbia is home to myriad freshwater lakes, so where do you even begin to plan your next getaway? out our various other "Navigation Bar" headings. In the summer months, there is a forestry campsite available, but otherwise, you can camp anywhere along the lake if as long as you pack out what you pack in. Consider a stay at Fawn Lake Resort to get a jump on an early morning catch. Campgrounds Association.

Rolley itself is routinely stocked with rainbow trout and features car-top boat access. ... and we will put little tidbits of outdoor lore here and there for your enjoyment. Marble Range Provincial Park: Known for limestone karst formations (a type of formation created by dissolved limestone, dolomite, and gypsum that results in sinkholes and caves), this park exists in an alpine and subalpine habitat. Although no water was readily available, residents solved the problem by building a 20-mile wooden gravity flow flume to carry water down from the highlands above the town. Goose: Accessible by a trail off McKinley-Ogden Road. See fish species, hotspots, boat launches and more. Located among the Cariboo Mountains in eastern British Columbia, Quesnel Lake is one of the world’s deepest fjord lakes, and it has three arms that each offer something different. Renting a fishing charter and guide provides recreational anglers an opportunity to fish for species such as halibut, or a trophy sized chinook.


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