Immature survivorship was highest between 25 and 30°C and 80% RH and lowest at 35°C under both humidity conditions. The folded leaves pest was Parotis sp. Neelum (Yellow), Sadaf (white), Agaiti-85 (Yellow) and Pak Afgyous (White), four hybrid varieties, 32B33 Hyb (Yellow), 8711 Hyb (Yellow), 8288 Hyb (Yellow) and 33W86 Hyb (Yellow) and two basic lines, EV-5098 (Yellow) and EV-6098 (White) in choice and no choice bioassays. Thus, the grain quality needs to be evaluated to judge the suitability of affected grain for consumption. The species were discriminated based on sequence similarities, evolutionary divergences, and phylogenetic analyses. The warm mean temperatures (23.6 ± 0.8°C) in Harare during the 2014/15 storage season, with mean temperature range of 22-24°C, favoured the development of S. oryzae and S. cerealella which develop well between temperatures of 18-30°C (Mason and Mcdonough, 2012; Cogburn, R.R.

/F5 23 0 R The highest number of tillers m-2 (357.6) and panicle m-2 (248) were obtained from 25 × 10 cm spacing with 90 kg N ha-1 .The highest harvest index (45.95%) was recorded from 25 × 15 cm spacing with 0 kg N ha-1 . Well-managed hedge orchard will produce quality shots as a source of cutting material, but shoots in this hedge orchard are often attacked by pests which threaten the plants. Laboratory studies on the bionomics of Angoumois grain moth. Results showed significant differences in the performance of treatments (p < 0.001). Select a purchase

Its activity covers every major field There was no significant relationship between incidence of pink stem borer and weather parameters except relative humidity.

In August, the percentage of the folded leaves decreased by 23% while the gall increased by 11.1%.

The population is expected to grow to 9.1 billion people by the year 2050, and about 70% extra food production will be required to feed them (Godfray et al.

(Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), was studied on maize varieties, viz. An average incubati, humidity).

It is called the Angoumois grain moth because long before the early days of the American Republic it had been a pest in the Angoumois Province of France.

Go to Table of Contents. Grain moisture content varied with ambient conditions, and was high in treatments with high insect pest levels.

It was carried from late sown rice/basmati to wheat crop. Surjomoni. Hatching percentages among Sitotroga cerealella eggs were 95.57±0.61 and 96.55±0.62, respectively being nonsignificntly, different.

Prior infestation for 6 mo by S. cerealella makes maize a more suitable medium for reproduction by T. castaneum and O. surinamensis, much more than can be accounted for by mere disruption of kernel integrity resulting from larval feeding. 19(5): 87 -95. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. moth, Sitotroga cerealella Oliv. Larvae burrow into the grain inside which they feed and remain until emergence as an adult.

Egg lying by unmated females of, Dhotmal, N.J. and R.B. << >>

They affect all types of grains – primarily wheat and corn, but also rice, millet, legumes, chestnuts and cocoa beans.

on different rice varieties (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae). Moreover, this internal feeding has been reported to contribute to insecticide resistance (Bushra and Aslam, 2014). If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. Low water loss rates reported here may be an evolutionary resistance mechanism for desiccation tolerance. The average longevity of adult moths was 4.96±0.35 days (male) and 6.25± 0.55 days (female). You can now claim your publications on CAB Direct with your ORCID iD! labeled and stored in the refrigerator at 4•C to ensure continuous supply for further studies.


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