Welcome back. The minimum tools required are not far outside what any weekend woodworkers would like to have in their workshop. Better late than never. You’ll always use these: Now let’s cover some of the specialty tools that will save time and produce better results. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Finally, I highly recommend the StewMac “ultimate scraper.”  This is a whole new take on scrapers: it’s 1/4″ thick and is hollow ground. What you need – inc Tools & Techniques for Drawing There are a few basic tools for drawing of a guitar design – As you will see the equipment requirements are fairly simple. Met kleurenfoto's zou het boek nog veel beter zijn. Neck support caul used in clamping fingerboard. There are a few basic tools for drawing of a guitar design – As you will see the equipment requirements are fairly simple. A proper nut slot is a little bit tricky to make without the correct nut slotting files. You will need all the same tools we use for drawing electric guitar, but with the addition of a compass. So here’s a tip: search eBay for “nut slotting saw rods,” and for under $10, you get a set of tiny diameter 2″ rods with mild teeth that can finish a nut slot with a nice rounded bottom. Here’s a video that demonstrates the options available for cutting the channels. It doesn’t make sense to buy a bunch of lutherie tools to make one guitar. You’ve heard it before, probably from your dad: “use the right tool for the job.” Can you build a guitar with just a saw and a chisel?

The outside mold is keeping the sides stable. The three hardest jobs in building an acoustic guitar are bending the sides, routing the channels for the binding, and making a fingerboard with an accurate radius and fret slots. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I recommend this to no one! Gebruik van mm naast inches zou het ook gemakkelijker maken voor de Europese markt, maar dat komt slechts beperkt aan bod. These include an electric side bending iron, fret slot duplicating jig, four different types of clamps, an inexpensive hide glue pot, and more. Zeer interessant boek voor de nieuwe gitaarbouwer. It might be fun to try, but honestly, the bindings on a guitar are so visible that any imperfection really sticks out. Seriously! Side bending changed forever when silicon heating pads were marketed, allowing sides to be heated and bent in homemade jigs. But wait, there’s more. Wondering what all the parts cost to build an acoustic guitar? They’re made of quality plywood and have a specific shape, so if you’re building an OM Martin style, you need an OM mold. Let someone else thin the sides to .080″, wet the wood and bend it to the perfect shape (sometimes it breaks). Perhaps the biggest advantage is most of the hardest operations have already been done. Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar – KIT £ 434.00 – £ 484.00 Select options; Cooperstand Read more; Cooperstand TANDEM – double stand £ 64.95 Add to basket; Sale! We’d love your help. But the back binding channel is harder because the back of the guitar is arched. You are correct to be nervous when sticking your freshly built guitar body against a drill bit whizzing at a few thousand RPM.

Of course, there’s a specialty tool to help cut the channels, a binding channel router bit makes it all possible. All the parts come at once so you’re not missing anything. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Every single other tool I used was a common woodworking tool. CV19 Update: We are open & welcome new on-line members to our FREE community. You’ll always use these: Drill press or electric drill Coping saw or band saw Flatbed sander Quarter sheet electric finish sander Router or laminate router Sharp chisels Hand plane Just as important as the right tools, there are a variety of jigs that are required for quality work. With that, let’s jump in. To see what your friends thought of this book, Acoustic Guitar Making: How to make Tools, Templates, and Jigs. Before you do that, you’ll need to cut the overhang of the top and back to the shape of the sides, and this is done easily with a flush-cut router bit in a small laminate trimmer or router mounted in a router table. This bit comes with different sized bearings (similar to skateboard bearings) that fit on the end of the cutting bit but are just a bit smaller in diameter. In these pages are instructions for making tools, cutting blanks, inlaying exotic woods, and hand finishing guitars. All Rights Reserved. Kind of. Have […] September 14th 2013 Video course access is INSTANT but please allow 5-7 days for delivery of wood/parts Dismiss. Don’t forget – to draw an acoustic guitar you will also need a compass! I’ve migrated towards using weights instead of clamps when gluing on the top and back. Snip the fret overhang with a giant (still cheap) Harbor Freight cable cutters. You may be tempted to load this binding router bit into a cheap but functional laminate trimmer from Harbor Freight, but there’s a catch. No fancy jigs or anything, just the one book. © 2019 - GuitarMaking.co.uk. Here are some tools you need to build an acoustic guitar. But I confess as I added more (and better) tools and jigs to my workbench over the years, my results improved. • A detailed section on guitar making theory, which will expand the understanding of how a guitar works, and how small changes to the structure can have big effects on tone. A 1/2″ router bit with a bearing makes a nice flush cut for the neck.

I always set my frets with a small hammer sold for this purpose; it’s about $30 and I love it., but I generally use a small (cheap) Harbor Freight press to press in the frets with a StewMac brass “fret press insert” (about $5) that matches the radius of the fingerboard. It makes sense logically that an instrument that sounds good on … Start by marking “Acoustic Guitar Making: How to make Tools, Templates, and Jigs” as Want to Read: Error rating book. The tools that are specific to guitar making are underlined. It is not an ABC book, but a companion that teaches many of the things that the other books leave out. Gluing the fingerboard to the neck is made easier with a neck support caul. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The only way for the bridge pins to get a good fit in the bridge is with a handheld tapered reamer.

FREE Shipping. Gluing the bridge is done with 2 or 3 long C-clamps that can reach the bridge through the soundhole. A small triangle fret-end file is required to clean up burs on the fret ends.

The first tool (a jig, actually) that will be helpful is an outside mold. Check out my luck at Harbor Freight. (Notice that it's just the book! video of manually cutting binding channels. Before you start building you’ll need a flat piece of workboard. Your kit came with black plastic bindings. For what it’s worth, I’ve never ruined a guitar body in this process so if your tools are good and you are careful, odds of success are very high. The principle is the same: you need to make a precisely cut channel that is the exact width of the bindings, both top, and back. I use them less and less, in fact, the fingerboard can be clamped with a long rubber band included in the kit. Both modern and vintage guitars have always had plastic bindings, although high-end guitars may have wood bindings. In these pages are instructions for making tools, cutting blanks, inlaying exotic woods, and hand finishing guitars.

Disaster can strike in this scenario. Refresh and try again. Here are the ones you won’t want to live without. It’s precision ground and you’ll never have an excuse for a fret buzz. If you’re new to scrapers, they are usually a thin piece of hardened steel that has a flat edge, then a tiny burr is “burnished,” creating a tiny hook that, when properly tuned, can take wood shavings nearly like a hand plane. A kit will have two of these jobs done. This way you can see exactly what you already have or need to get before you start drawing. The wood jig on top puts the pressure on the edges of the fingerboard for a good glue line to the neck. I use large binder clips from an office supply store as clamps for the kerfing. The beauty of a real nut slotting file is the cutting teeth are rounded, leaving a half-round shape to match the string. Looking for some bargains? You need one made for this purpose as the teeth of the file will be ground smooth on the edges so you don’t damage the fingerboard. Do your research before choosing a method, and you’ll probably invest some time in building the jig. I use the heck out of two tools you shouldn’t take for granted: an accurate steel 4 1/2″ square (to constantly check the sides & body), and a super-accurate 6″ rule with 1/32″ markings. • An explanation of the use and abilities of several common shop tools, including several specialty tools that are specific to guitar making. The methods described revolve around doing more with less, and getting more out of the tools already in the shop. Mine has held up well for years. Nut slotting rods with strings to measure the slot fit. I love this tool, even at $30. Good news: your kit comes with the sides already bent. Building from a kit has several advantages, especially for the less-experienced builder. • An explanation of the use and abilities of several common shop tools, including several specialty tools that are specific to guitar making.


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